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World Book Day, the celebration of knowledge

6 months and 19 days till World Book Day. Let’s learn!

Literature and books have always been powerful tools to share ideas, learn about other people, other cultures, other eras… We, humans, have evolved thanks to writing. On April 23rd, we celebrate a day to pay homage to the best item that we have invented: books! We are book lovers in Freepik, and we know that you are one too, for sure! Keep readin... Show more

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Books, dragons, Saint George and roses: symbols and legends to understand World Book Day and its context.

Color palette

  • HEX rgb(122, 77, 46)
  • RGB rgb(122, 77, 46)
  • CMYK rgb(122, 77, 46)
  • HSL rgb(122, 77, 46)
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Coffee and books, one of the most famous love stories

Coffee and books go together. There is nothing better than reading a good novel while you drink a cup of black coffee, it tastes like heaven! There is no doubt: coffee is one of the hues of World Book Day. Did you know that the first time that the word coffee was used as a color name was at the end of the 17th century? Color coffee provides you with a feeling of comfort, warmth, and safety. This is the perfect match for your reading sessions. It’s also the tint of reliability, resilience, and dependability. According to feng shui, this shade is connected to wood, which means that it helps harmonize homes and any other environment.

  • HEX rgb(191, 131, 96)
  • RGB rgb(191, 131, 96)
  • CMYK rgb(191, 131, 96)
  • HSL rgb(191, 131, 96)
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Raw sienna, a natural pigment that was already used in cave paintings

Raw sienna or terra gialla is an essential type of natural pigment that contains manganese oxide and iron oxide. It’s quite ancient, as it was already used in cave paintings. This means that it was one of the first types of paint used by humankind centuries ago. It was very commonly used by Romans too, although it was known under the name terra rosa. After the fall of the Roman empire, people continued using it. For example, it was widely employed during the Renaissance: famous painters like Rembrant van Rijn, Giorgio Vasari, and Caravaggio used this pigment in almost all of their paintings.

  • HEX rgb(242, 196, 155)
  • RGB rgb(242, 196, 155)
  • CMYK rgb(242, 196, 155)
  • HSL rgb(242, 196, 155)
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Peach Crayola, a color that T.S. Eliot would have loved!

Peach crayola is a subtle color, a pastel tone. It’s a friendly tint that represents sweetness, encouragement, and playfulness. There is no pain or sadness when you add little touches of peach crayola to your clothes, furniture, paintings, or rugs. This peachy tint is also great to show that you are a sociable and a generous person. According to color psychology, it’s an optimistic color, but also a very fun and warm tone. Books make us enjoy life as much (or even more!) than peach crayola, so this color is the perfect one to celebrate World Book Day. As T. S. Eliot would say in his famous poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, do you dare to eat a peach?

  • HEX rgb(251, 230, 201)
  • RGB rgb(251, 230, 201)
  • CMYK rgb(251, 230, 201)
  • HSL rgb(251, 230, 201)
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Blanched almond, the soft color of the pages of books

Blanched almond is a light shade of brown. It is a subtle earth-tone color, a modern hue that embellishes many walls and elegant pieces of furniture around the World. Blanched almond is a neutral color that works very well for soothing and relaxing environments, home decorations, paintings, and wallpapers. It reminds of almonds and their delicate taste; it’s also the color of French cakes and other pastries, so it’s a very sweet tinge too! This is the shade of the pages of your preferred poetry volumes, novels, and plays, so this tone is just perfect for this lovely World Book Day color palette.

  • HEX rgb(174, 202, 190)
  • RGB rgb(174, 202, 190)
  • CMYK rgb(174, 202, 190)
  • HSL rgb(174, 202, 190)
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Opal and the lovely color of a natural green jewel

If you need to feel emotions like calmness, universal love, and peace, opal is your color. Opal is an iriscented form of silica that has a very special history, as its name comes from a Sanskrit word that means jewel. It displays different tints and mesmerizing shades as blue, green, white, or even black. Color opal resembles the green flashes of this semi precious stone: this soft hue is close to a light green, and it is great to create the perfect mood for reading. A room painted in opal can make us rest better, to reach a peaceful state of mind. Enjoy the calmness of this color while you read your favorite book of poems.


Discover the fascinating history of World Book Day and how letters and words have transformed our culture and civilisation!

As Jane Austen would say, it is a truth universally acknowledged that books and manuscripts had played a pivotal role during the history of humanity. It’s not strange that, over the years, people wanted to celebrate their importance! Today, we are going to explore the most remarkable efimeries related to World Book Day and the different ways of celebrating literature throughout the years. In addition, you’ll also learn about regional particularities about this commemoration and some important symbols that are key if you want to understand more about this important day. Let’s learn about books and authors!

7th October 1923

Celebrating Cervantes’ birthday for the very first time

The Spanish precursor of the World Book Day

The very first time that Book Day was celebrated has to do very much with Spain and a famous Spanish writer. More precisely, it was Vicente Clavel Andrés’ idea, a dream that came true in 1926. Vicente wasn’t only a writer, but a translator, editor and periodist too. During this first Book Day, they did homage to Miguel de Cervantes and Don Quixote. Apart from that, the aim of the celebration was to promote cultural diffusion, reading and an easy and free access to books and knowledge as well. Vicente Clavel was able to create an event that brought together authors, editors, printers, librarians and readers. Isn’t this a huge achievement?

23rd April 1995

The first World Book and Copyright Day

A celebration organized and promoted by the UNESCO

The World Book (and Copyright) Day is celebrated annually on 23th April. This date is a very special one, as it’s the day when the very important authors from different countries died: William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. The target of this day is to reflect the importance of books, reading, culture and knowledge for human beings. The first time that this event took place was in Paris in 1995. From this moment onward, there is a new World Book day capital every year and they launch different initiatives, such as giving books to students that live in very poor areas.

March 1998

The celebration of World Book Day in the United Kingdom and Ireland

The promotion of reading, writing and publishing in Albion and surrounding islands

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, they decided to move the date a little bit, to avoid clashes with St. George’s Day and school holidays. The aim of this event is very similar to UNESCO’s World Book Day: promoting reading, writing, publishing and to spread knowledge. Initially, the government gave vouchers to children so they could buy more books. Step by step, they added more initiatives and it became a registered charity. It also supports Book Aid International and Readathon.

March 5th 2011

The establishment of World Book Night

Night activities for book lovers in the United Kingdom and Ireland!

The World Book Night was created to encourage people to read, as the World Book Day does, as well as promoting culture and knowledge. Although it was first held on March 5th 2011, the date changed to April 23rd so it is in line with World Book Day. This very special night is organized by The Reading Agency. It was conceived for adults: there are table discussions and many other activities under the moonlight. Isn’t it a very interesting event? If you ever happen to be in the United Kingdom or in Ireland this day, get your reading glasses and your books ready!


The way in which different countries celebrate World Book Day

There are many different ways of celebrating World Book Day. We have prepared a list of some of the most peculiar ones so you can learn about how other cultures commemorate this festivity. Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States of America… Time to get your book and travel in order to learn about those countries!

United States

Celebrating the World Book Day in the United States of America. As in many other countries, people in the United States celebrate this special date the 23rd of April. They organize activities to encourage people, kids and adults, to read. Still, the town of Kensington, in Maryland, is notable for a very special tradition: there is a street festival! Listen to live music, enjoy some great activities for children, adults… And much more! For example, if you want to discover new authors, bookcrossing is just for you! There are also chess competitions, face painting, storytelling… Everything has been designed for stimulating your creativity. They are also famous for their poetry readings. In addition, you’ll find plenty of writers, children’s authors, mystery writers’ groups, poets, artists in general, publishers, reading groups and a ton of booksellers.


Red roses, books and Sant Jordi: Celebrating World Book Day in Spain. This celebration, World Book Day, is very much connected with Sant Jordi (St. George ’s Day) in Spain. But let’s learn about the history of this tradition first! Since 1926, Book Day has been celebrated on October 7th to honor Miguel de Cervantes’ birth. Still, the Spanish king changed the date to April 23rd, coinciding with Cervantes’ death. In Catalonia, a Spanish region, people celebrate Sant Jordi. Citizens give books and red roses as gifts during this day: books because it’s the day of the book and red roses because of the legend of Saint George. You can discover more about the roses and this Saint if you continue reading! There is a dragon involved, too! Different Spanish cities organize pastimes as reading groups, reading parts of Don Quixote, book fairs, book signings…

UK & Ireland

World Book Day in Ireland and the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom and in Ireland, people celebrate this important day on another date, more precisely on the first Thursday of March. They do so to avoid clashes with other festivities such as Saint George’s day or the Easter break. This celebration is now run by a charity, so its aim is not to obtain profit, but to promote reading, publishing and writing, and to make books affordable for less fortunate children and adults. At first, the government distributed some vouchers so kids could buy books at lesser prices. This social action added new projects and they tried to reach even more people. One lovely way of getting the most out of World Book Day in the United Kingdom is to pay a visit to the iconic Globe Theater and to enjoy some of Shakespeare’s plays!


Världsbokdagen, the World Book Day in Sweden! World Book Day is known as Världsbokdagen in Sweden, did you know that word? As in many other parts of the globe, Swedish people prepare some educational activities related to books and literature. For example, there are entertainments like book signings, dressing up as book characters, reading groups, poetry readings… Which one would you choose? If you are thinking about visiting Sweden soon, plan your visit ahead and to enjoy some of the World Book Day or Världsbokdagen activities during the month of April! In addition, you could also go out and try to see some Northern Lights (Swedish Lapland is the perfect place to do so.) Mix nature, culture, books and knowledge in just one day! Doesn’t this plan sound very tempting to you? Get into the wilderness with your favorite book!


Celebrating World Book Day in India. Namaste! As one would expect, citizens celebrate World Book Day in India too! This festivity is also used to encourage people to read more, to write, publish, to buy and to hand out books… So they share the same interests and goals as the rest of the countries that we have talked about. Still, it’s true that they are noticeable for adding a spiritual touch to that very day. One of the most important volumes there is “Way of Living” by Saint Rampal JI Maharaj. It has had a great influence among readers and social media. Apart from that, people give books as gifts, or they also donate them to the poor, orphanages… In any case, you’ll also find activities related to literature and books in general: readings on the street, book stands, poetry readings, reading groups… Everything you can imagine!