Wonderful Nature photos to give life to your projects

Do you want to add some natural touches to your projects? Enjoy the magnificence of mother nature and create something as beautiful as a landscape with these resources. Delightful and powerful pictures of animals, mountains, hills, and flora can convey relaxation, peace, tranquility, and serenity. They are great for promoting your company, to advertise your services or for any other purpose.

Wonderful Nature photos to give life to your projects Wonderful Nature photos to give life to your projects

Look at Freepik's Range of Landscapes

Freepik's range of landscape photos is guaranteed to take your breath away. They will transport you to some of the most beautiful wonders of the world whether it be on top of a mountain or roaming along a sandy beach.

Look at Freepik's Range of Landscapes

Animals, plants & landscape photos at your fingertips

Discover the world and its wonders in these pictures of animals, plants, and landscapes. You have everything you want or need pretty close to you–just a couple of clicks and you'll get the most beautiful landscape, the most impressive colors, and the prettiest tropical flowers you can ever imagine. Discover the impressive collection of Freepik resources and use the most inspiring landscapes for your campaigns and creations.

Animals, plants & landscape photos at your fingertips

Take your creativity to the next level

There is nothing more powerful than the combination of nature and creativity. Make the most out of your projects and ideas by adding some pictures of lovely landscapes, jungles, hills, birds, insects, and an array of living creatures, feeding your imagination. Get inspiration from the tiniest flower, the greenest valley, and the most magnificent waterfalls worldwide. Play around with these nature photographs and add them to your own creations.

Take your creativity to the next level

Can landscape photography include buildings?

The answer is yes, of course! Although they are welcome to appear, buildings mustn't be a major focal point. Buildings complete the picture and add some spice to landscapes, but they are not the main element. They have the role of mere spectators. On the other hand, when the picture pays a lot of attention to cities, buildings and places occupied by people, this type of image belongs to what is called urban landscape photography.

When is nature photography day?

Nature Photography Day is celebrated on June 15. The origins of this day are to be found in ancient times. The importance of the account of nature and natural history is seen in 79 AD already: Pliny the Younger narrated the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. Also, naturalists provided drawings of medicinal plants. That is the case for Dioscorides and his prominent book De materia medica, or Matthaeus Platearius’ Circa Instans.

How to edit nature photos?

If you want to be a pro retouching nature photos, the first thing to take into consideration is color. Use color correction and add that little punch to your works, or make it black and white to get an extra dramatic effect. The same applies to contrast: play with it and get vibrant pictures. Removing elements in the background is also a great idea if it's not very suitable.

What makes a good nature photography?

Good nature photography can tell powerful stories, it can make you curious about it. You can achieve this using a DSLR camera, paying close attention to the light, using the rule of thirds… But most importantly, respect nature and try to find beauty in animals, plants, mountains… Study nature, the rituals of animals, ways in which they move, or the natural cycle of plants. Your photographs will be a success.