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The Freepik API is your golden ticket to 150M+ vectors, photos, AI images, icons, PSD, and everything else you can think of in the exact format you need. It’s your one-stop shop to become everyone’s first choice.


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Smooth integration, fresh content, high-quality search results

The API you can trust

The Freepik API is the heart of our own products, as it fuels both our website and projects. It also powers our mobile app and syncs perfectly with our Figma plugin.

This API helps you handle any volume request and easily aligns your business's needs. It exists to make your products more integrated, more customized, and more convenient.

The API you can trust

With monthly fresh content

With the API’s monthly dose of fresh content, your users will access the most updated content to keep their projects vibrant and appealing. Its ever-growing library offers illustrations, SVG icons and vectors, photos, AI images, and everything you are looking for to customize your business to your needs.

With monthly fresh content

Easy to integrate and fast

Get your API key to discover its easy integration, compatibility, and intuitive design. The API documentation has been simplified and perfected to be easy to consult and fast to integrate, thanks to standardized procedures that use OpenAPI conventions.

Easy to integrate and fast

All the content you can choose from

93.57million Photos and icons
12.24million New resources monthly
57.73million Vectors, AI images, and templates
150.56million Resources available
Trusted by

Used and loved by companies like yours

Utilize our API to offer a comprehensive suite of editing tools and professionally designed templates.
A content creation editor that, with the easy integration of our API, streamlines the process of crafting marketing materials enriched with our assets.
miri canvas
A Korean online editor featuring a collection of prebuilt templates powered by Flaticon stickers and icons.
Tailor Brands
Combine our API with an AI-powered platform offering logos and branding to small businesses and entrepreneurs.
This web development company utilizes our engine and visuals to provide website owners and developers with customizable and responsive WordPress themes.
An educational technology company that integrates our API to provide innovative learning solutions.
It's an educational technology company and a nonprofit organization that, by implementing our API, aims to offer accessible and affordable learning solutions worldwide.
click funnels
Integrate our API and assets into a sales funnel builder to help businesses streamline their online marketing and sales processes.
It’s an educational technology company that uses our API and visuals to make language learning more accessible.

Why choose Freepik API?

All-in-one assets solution

The API grants you access to a never-ending library filled with millions of high-quality resources. With new content added every day and a strategic roadmap for an even wider choice of asset types, you have a solution designed to be flexible, adaptable to your evolving needs, and future-proof.

Easy integration

Freepik API offers a RESTful API aligned with OpenAPI standards, ensuring a smooth integration process. Powered by advanced search functionalities in over 10 languages, it gives you immediate access to a variety of resource formats, including PNG, AI, and SVG.

The right fit for your needs

Designed with your needs in mind, Freepik API offers you flexible rate limiting and scalable pricing for any project size, making it easy to budget and plan ahead. On top of that, our license is straightforward: it's unlimited, non-exclusive, and accessible worldwide. Simple, direct, and created for smooth integration.


Flexible and scalable plans

Crafted for your business. Cancel anytime.

Save up to 17% on the annual plan



Free photos, illustrations, vectors, AI images, icons, PSD, and more in AI, EPS, JPG, and SVG formats
First 100 downloads
First 1,000 API calls


41.67 EUR/month

600 EUR/year
SAVE 17%

500 EUR/year. Billed annually

Premium and free photos, illustrations, vectors, AI images, icons, PSD, and more in AI, EPS, JPG, and SVG formats
First 500 downloads monthly
First 5,000 API calls monthly


166.67 EUR/month

2,400 EUR/year
SAVE 17%

2,000 EUR/year. Billed annually

Premium and free photos, illustrations, vectors, AI images, icons, PSD, and more in AI, EPS, JPG, and SVG formats
First 2,000 downloads monthly
First 100,000 API calls monthly

Taxes, such as VAT when applicable, may be added to your purchase

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  • To obtain your Freepik API key, click the “Get your API key” button in the pricing section. Once you're registered, we'll send an email to your registered address. This email will include your unique API key and detailed instructions to help you get started with your integration.

  • A Premium subscription provides access to our web-based library of visual content allowing you to browse and download any content you need for your projects.

    An API subscription, instead, grants access to our visual content and metadata via our API. It's tailored for companies and developers who want to integrate our content directly into their own products or services. With an API subscription, you can programmatically search, filter and retrieve content and metadata using them in your applications platforms or services.

  • Of course! However, it’s important to comply with our licensing terms and conditions. For more detailed information, visit our licensing terms and conditionspage.

  • Our standard Terms of use do not permit reselling individual or packaged content. However, integrating our content into more extensive projects, such as WordPress templates, social media posts, flyers, brochures, e-learning courses, or book illustrations, is allowed. For more specific cases, please consult our client team via form.

  • Videos are not currently available through the API. However, a Premium subscriber can access them through the Freepik site. Feel free to contact us to get more info on a tailor-made solution to access videos that fit your needs.

  • No, we're afraid you can't. The Premium subscription and the API are different products. Each subscription needs to be purchased individually to access its respective features. This ensures that you can fully leverage the capabilities of our platform across different usage scenarios.

  • If you use up all your requests or downloads before the monthly credit renewal, you can keep using the API by requesting an overage activation. Your service will be continued even if you hit the monthly limit early. You can deactivate it whenever you want and you'll only be charged for the extra usage beyond the limit. Ask for rates for more requests and downloads.

  • If you're interested in any of these plans, please contact us. We'll be happy to assist you in finding the ideal solution for your business.

  • The Flaticon API has been streamlined into the Freepik API to provide you with a more comprehensive and integrated experience. Now, you can access both Freepik's and Flaticon's extensive library of creative content, including our icons, through a single unified API and a single API key.