Transparent and super competitive

No upfront payments, no subscriptions, and starting from as low as 0.20 € per 100 search requests. Pricing is forever crystal clear ensuring you always get the best value

(Your first 5 EUR are on us)

AI-powered search

Our AI-powered search engine is available in more than 100 languages. Find your resources with accurate filters and curation by content metadata: orientation, content type, colors or style. Every asset and image preview is rich in associated data.

0.2 EUR100 requests
1 EUR500 requests
100 EUR50000 requests


The largest icon database in the world at your fingertips: 10M+ PNG and SVG icons and thousands of fresh content added every month.

1 EUR100 requests
5 EUR500 requests
100 EUR50000 requests

Images and templates

142M+ curated vectors, authenctic photos, templates, and ready-to-go AI images that cover all specifics. All available in just about any format.

1 EUR25 requests
4 EUR100 requests
100 EUR2500 requests

Freepik AI image Generator

Our fast and easy text-to-image tool can turn your words into incredible images. Customize features like aspect ratio, style, color, lightining or framing and simply pay for the images you generate.

0.4 EUR100 creations
1 EUR250 creations
100 EUR25000 creations

Get all your questions answered

  • Your costs depend on your usage. You can estimate your expenses by considering the number of requests and the type of services you plan to use. Detailed pricing information is available on our website for reference.
  • Billing is based on the resources you use each month, from the first to the last day. Bills are generated on the 5th of the following month. A 5 EUR free tier is available for users to try new and future services.
  • The dashboard is a dedicated section for Freepik users to manage their API key, billing information, and payment methods, track usage, establish monthly budgets, and review limits and pricing.
  • To monitor your API usage, regularly check your usage tracking dashboard. This helps you stay informed about your spending.
  • This is a pay-per-use service, so to help you manage your spending, you can set a monthly limit (Monthly budget) in the Billing section. If you hit the top, the service will be discontinued unless you increase your budget. Please note that there may be a delay in suspending the service and that you will be in charge of covering any overage beyond your limit. Currently, our maximum budget limit is 500 EUR to prevent fraud. If you require a higher budget, please contact our Sales team for a customized solution.
  • Our API has rate limits on requests per minute/day (RPM/RPD) and images per minute/day (IPM/IPD), varying by service. We also enforce a usage limit to manage monthly spending. Detailed limits can be found both in the pricing section and the dashboard, and feel free to contact us at any time to apply for an increased limit.
  • No, there are no hidden fees. Our pricing model is transparent, and users only pay for the resources they use, as detailed in our pricing structure.
  • For our content services, like accessing Freepik's library of icons or images + templates, a download should be triggered in your application whenever an action similar to a download occurs. This includes scenarios such as a user selecting an image to use in a blog post, setting it as a header, or using it as a background in a presentation. Essentially, a download request should be sent to our download endpoint whenever a user uniquely uses a resource. This applies to both users of your platform and your internal processes. You're allowed to cache our content as long as you maintain an active plan with us and ensure all downloads are accurately and timely reported. If this requirement is not met, API access will be revoked.
  • Of course! However, it’s important to comply with our licensing terms and conditions. For more detailed information, visit our licensing terms and conditions page.

If you need further information, please contact us