Flaticon marks one of the biggest milestones in its history so far: now there are more than ONE MILLION icons in our database! We're saying "thank you" to everyone who contributed into this and sharing the secret why we are some awesome (and shy) #flaticon #iconize

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If you don't want to or can't use Photoshop and Illustrator check out this article and learn what are the alternatives. #tutpad #letsmakeit #photoshop #illustartor

Are you ready to start your journey as a web designer? This article outlines the basics of getting started in the wonderful world of web design and what you’ll need to be the next great designer. #flaticon #freepikcompany #webdesign

Check out our new Tips&Tutorials to learn how to make the most of your autumn designs #freepik #freepikuniverse #contributor

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Be productive over the weekend! Read this mini-guide to the best design tutorials you can find online and improve your designing skills. #freepik #tutorials

Learn the difference between motion graphics and animation and never be confused again! Read the new article in the blog! #tutpad #letsmakeit #motiongraphic

Become PowerPoint Master with these useful tips and razzle-dazzle everyone with your presentations! #freepikcompnay #templatemonster #tips #presentation

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Freepik, Flaticon and Tutpad are united under the name of Freepik Co. Read how we managed to keep the individuality of each project yet unify the concept.

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