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This article informs you of how you can make the most of your Cricut machine using Freepik graphics. It has ideas for different projects you can undertake.

Find out about Freepik's trip to the Sierra Nevada on the 11th February 2018. The day was filled with activities and games such as the Olimpikiadas.

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Every business needs a website it's important for attracting an audience. This article gives exclusive designer tips on how to create the best one.

Learn a brief history of how magazine design has changed throughout the last two centuries. This timeline compiles all the key publications.

Get some great design tips with this overview of the most downloaded styles on Freepik. Divided into categories the article highlights popular designs.

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This article talks about the Golden Mean and how it is used in Art and Design. It gives tips on how you can incorporate it into your own designs

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This Valentine's day check out Freepik's romantic range of photos and vectors. We have only the best for you choosing.

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