Microsoft announced a couple of days ago that it was time for Microsoft Paint, the good old software, to leave us. But they have thought better about it!

If there's someone specialized in creating icons featuring technical gear, mechanisms, automotive designs and business related icons, that's Eucalyp!

Over 3,000 European artistic and cultural institutions have released over 50 million art pieces in a digital archive that you are free to browse and use.

Maybe you will find out that the colors that actually inspire you are far different from what you initially thought! Check out the ColorKuler app.

Many Contributors ask: what does it mean to be a Contributor for Premium users, how does the Premium category work on Freepik?

Thanks to the new pattern and icon editor, and now you can edit icons from Flaticon directly in your browser, without the need of a vector editing software!

Don't miss a hint of knowledge this month! With you.. the best tutorials of the month!

Tutpad · 3 weeks ago

Do you want to know what the most downloaded and most popular in October icons from Flaticon are? Take a look at these packs and download them here!

A few weeks ago, at Freepik, we celebrated our first team building experience in the office and all over the city! Do you want to know what we got up to?