A picture says a thousand words or so we've heard. And we see this everyday- feelings, thoughts and conversations are expressed through photos, drawing and illustrations.

A few years ago, Sony made an announcement revealing that they were intending to make a real image Sonic film. The film is a step closer to its release now!

This month we launched a new course to learn about animal design where our skilled instructor, Sarita Kolhatkar, teaches you how to sketch animals by studying the shape and basic anatomy of real animals to then create a fictional character.

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You can download many vectors and resources from Freepik in a SVG format. But what does this extension mean and how can you use these files? Learn it here!

Think of all the children’s’ books you have ever seen in your life. Don’t you love how colorful and vibrant they are? The pictures are always so vivid and eye catching. I love how even though all children’s books share these similarities, they also have defining illustrative styles. Some books use watercolor paintings printed on the pages, others use a mix of painting and collage, others are all digitally illustrated while others look like they were created with ripped paper and set up as a colorful collage.

This is a very good exercise to experiment with the consistency of your own style: if you like to draw in curvy lines, try to adapt angular characters!

You will find icons about finances, online shopping, school supplies, franchises, business situations, hotel service and startups, amongst many more.

Take a look at the most popular vectors available at Freepik, to see what the latest tendencies are! You can download them here.

Enjoy creating amazing graphics and customizing posters, stickers, buttons and apparel with the awesome vector resources that you will find on Freepik!

The last book I read was a hardback novel about the story of an estranged Sri Lankan family with plenty of drama and emotional upheaval. It was the kind of book you start and have to read through without putting it down. At the end of the book there was a little footnote saying how and why the author had chosen to print the book with the Garamond typeface. That got me thinking; I was pretty used to this font in books and had never really wondered why it was so. Let’s learn a bit about the Garamond typeface and why it is used in the printing of books, making them so pleasurable to read.