Reimagine: create breathtaking image variations with Freepik

Have you ever taken a picture or downloaded an image that made you think, “This is cool, but it could be cooler, right”? Maybe you thought, “If only I could make a unique variation from the image I like.” Well, you’ll be delighted to know that Reimagine can give you those cooler AI images now.

Re-imagine things as in your dreams

It’s a standalone tool that makes you visualize your dreams. It gives you endless images to play with. Each one comes with tons of variations, bringing you new ideas for any project. Reimagine is extremely easy to use and makes you generate AI images smoothly and happily in a few simple steps.

How it works

  • Upload an image to Freepik Reimagine and click on Reimagine.
  • Watch the magic: Once your image is in, Reimagine analyzes it and generates an editable prompt for you with infinite variations.
  • Personalize your images as many times as you want. You can edit the prompts that come with them and select the style you like.

Reimagine is for everyone

This fantastic tool is for more than just the tech-savvy or the artistically gifted. It’s for everyone who loves playing with images. Its straightforward design invites people of all ages and expertise to explore their creative side in a fun and engaging way.

AI images- Asian elderly woman in her 50s
AI image of a Caucasian female in her 10

 Why Reimagine rocks?

  • It makes you feel like you can create your own multiverse of visuals, even with limited design skills.
  • It boosts your campaigns, social media posts, presentations, school projects, flyers, and any project you’re working on in instants.
  • It gives you countless variations of images in real-time.

150M assets, countless creation possibilities

With over 150 million assets and cutting-edge AI tools like Reimagine, you have everything you need to use your creativity at its best. No matter your budget, deadlines, project, or idea, our library brings you countless ideas for your projects.

Here are just a few examples of how you could use this tool to work on some ideas:

Imagine you’re working on a brochure with images of the desert and need a breathtaking image of it. But you want something unique, not just the typical photo everyone uses. With Reimagine, you can upload a photo of the desert and transform it into something incredibly stunning.AI images - a desert architecture-minimalismAI image of a cyberpunk desert architecture

With a brochure like this one, don’t you feel like you want to book the first flight to this place?

If you’re working on a new ebook for children and want to grab the little ones’ attention with the right image of, let’s say, a wolf that climbs on a window begging for some yummy pie, you can also do that. You just need our AI image generator, type in this scene, and you’ll have it ready.

Are you not a wolves fan and want to use some other characters? Go to Reimagine and edit your prompt. Change the character to “skunk”, for example, and you’ll suddenly have a skunk that climbs on a window, starving for a pie 😀AI image of a skunk craving for some cake

You can really create visuals for any type of product and project. You just need to type in a prompt in our new AI image generator, and you’ll get visuals like these ones too.close up of a cheeseburgerAI image of a close up cheeseburgerA super tasty cheeseburger that you can then reimagine countless times with super fresh ingredients 🤤

But you can really reimagine anything you want in just a few seconds…AI images- a transparent cubeAI image of a semi transparent square cube

I mean, the examples are endless, this is just a taste of what you can make too. All our AI tools are quite addictive, you’ll see!

Behind the scenes of Freepik Reimagine

When working on Reimagine, we wanted to have a tool that could open up new creative possibilities for you. Something new to experiment with AI in innovative and fun ways. Our vision was to create a virtual creative place to experiment, play around with images, explore styles, and most importantly have fun.

Reimagine was created to inspire you to discover and try new ideas that you’ve always hesitated to explore until now. You’ll see that the more you engage with this tool, the more addicted you become.

Share your creations with friends, family, neighbors, professors, bosses, or clients across any platform you like.

We’re just scratching the surface with Reimagine as more astounding AI tools are on the way. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for what’s coming next.