Neighborhood design: A sleek redesign to fuel that business’s journey ahead

Our car is so much more than just a way to get around. It’s what enables us to go wherever we want, no matter the distance. And the maintenance of something that crucial shouldn’t be entrusted to just anyone. A similar sentiment can be expressed about a business’s image: brand design is like the engine driving local commerce. So, if you’re thinking about rejuvenating your image, you’ll also need to put it in the hands of professionals.

In the La Trinidad neighborhood of Málaga, locals turn to the Integrauto car workshop for their car care needs. Integrauto has placed their trust in Neighborhood Design for a modern twist on their brand image. Javier Diaz, the designer behind the transformation, has expertly leveraged AI-powered tools from Freepik to achieve a stunning makeover quickly and efficiently. Get your engines ready to dive into this success story.

Creativity at the wheel

As soon as Javi Diaz caught wind of what we were whipping up at Neighborhood Design, he knew right away it was a golden ticket he couldn’t pass up. For this rookie designer with a passion for photography, Freepik’s initiative held immense potential. Taking part on it meant not only diving into a genuine professional experience headfirst, but also giving a local business a boost with his work:

“From the get-go, Freepik’s project caught my attention. I saw it as an excellent chance to beef up my portfolio while also lending a hand to small businesses looking to refresh their brand image”.

When asked to encapsulate his experience in a single word, “rewarding” was his immediate choice. More than just a glossy highlight on his CV, this journey has opened doors for Javi to engage with fellow designers, fostering connections and exchanging ideas that promise to shape his path ahead significantly.

Shifting gears towards the future

“Until this point, we’d never encountered an offer like this one—nor one executed with such swift efficiency.” For years, Martín and Lebon have been the go-to mechanics for the La Trinidad neighborhood, always ensuring their workshop leveraged the latest technology. Their physical storefront, however, hadn’t quite kept up with the times, and they recognized the looming necessity to refresh their look. Then Neighborhood Design appeared, and its impact left them utterly astonished.

Thanks to Neighborhood Design, Integrauto car workshop has taken its local appeal to new heights, leveraging its impact with the power of great designs, made faster by AI tools. This is the before and after.

The owners of Integrauto had a clear vision for their business (as clear as when you bring in your car for a strange noise, and they know exactly how to fix it): they wanted to update the workshop’s look without losing its essence in the process. Their signature black and yellow colors are a trademark in the neighborhood, so Javi thought it would be perfect to splash these colors on anything bearing the workshop’s name. And by “anything,” he didn’t just mean business cards or the signs hanging outside the shop, but also that the exterior façade itself should proudly display these colors.​⬤

“We kept the workshop’s signature colors—yellow and black—as the cornerstone of its identity, incorporating them across all platforms to really make the brand pop.”

The engine behind the redesign

If there’s one thing a mechanic and a designer have in common, it’s the belief that the right tools make all the difference—though, of course, they’re not talking about the same tools. Javi might not know his way around a hydraulic jack, but he sure knows how to harness the power of Freepik’s AI tools to unleash the full potential of his ideas, working at max throttle. Tools like Sketch to image have allowed him to apply Integrauto workshop’s colors across the board without wasting hours on editing. And with Reimagine, he’s managed to nail the exact design Martín and Lebon envisioned for their shop.

Thanks to Neighborhood Design, Integrauto car workshop has taken its local appeal to new heights, leveraging its impact with the power of great designs, made faster by AI tools. These are some of its new materials.

When creativity and technology come together, the possibilities are as endless as an open road. Now, with its new look, Integrauto workshop is wowing its customers not only with how quickly their cars are fixed but also with how well this change suits their neighborhood.

This is how Neighborhood Design makes its mark on another business. If you’re looking for more inspiring stories for your redesigning project, don’t miss our blog section on Neighborhood Design. Who knows, maybe your city is next on our list!