Neighborhood Design: Booming local businesses with AI-powered design

We can’t imagine our neighborhoods without the charm of their local businesses. These stores are the heartbeat of street life, and at Freepik, we realize that the key to a business’s success lies in the power of its brand and its visibility, backed up by a great design. Holding this belief close, we’ve launched Neighborhood Design: a social initiative targeted at boosting small businesses by providing them with unique designs that enhance their appeal.

With Neighborhood Design, we aim to prove two things: first, that better design significantly benefits local companies, and second, that access to AI empowers designers to work faster and deliver great designs in less time. Now that the action is underway, the neighborhood enjoys the redesign of some of its most beloved businesses, and emerging designers can boast about the experience and the impressive new entries in their portfolios. Here we tell you the story behind this initiative, which—spoiler alert― won’t stop at just one neighborhood.

A great action, faster

The pursuit to stand out and shine among competitors is what makes a local business thrive. And in this quest, design plays a crucial role. A striking visual identity can grab attention and draw in new clients. This is where Freepik comes in: we’re experts at helping anyone create great designs, faster.

In this journey, the fusion of creativity and technology, along with the enthusiasm of emerging designers, propels local companies towards success. Freepik’s AI-powered tools have been at the forefront, streamlining the design process to be both efficient for creators and impactful for businesses. Now, creating compelling designs is quicker and reachable than ever before, allowing stores to confidently refresh their image, captivate more customers, and effortlessly increase their sales. It’s the perfect formula.

Neighborhood Design project: boosting local businesses with AI tools in the historic neighborhood of La Trinidad, Málaga, with the power of great designs, made faster. We enhance the appearance of Patricia’s Fruit Store, Integrauto Mechanic Repair, and Antonio Vera’s Flower Shop.

Breathing new life into our hometown

We couldn’t have picked a better starting point for our journey than our native Málaga. Specifically, the historic neighborhood of La Trinidad. This area is a living testament to history, blending modern advancements seamlessly with its traditional charm and character, something both locals and store owners cherish deeply.

Our Neighborhood Design project goes beyond just making commercial spaces look nice; it’s about revitalizing the entire neighborhood and the businesses within it. After all, when local businesses flourish, the whole community blooms.

Take a stroll through La Trinidad now, and you’ll witness the transformation yourself. From Antonio Vera’s Flower Shop, Patricia’s Fruit Store, and Miguel’s Hairdressing Salon to Integrauto Mechanic Repair, La Carpa Bar-Tapas, and Atlas Physiotherapy Center, each place beams with pride, showcasing their refreshed and vibrant new identities.

Neighborhood Design project: boosting local businesses with AI tools in the historic neighborhood of La Trinidad, Málaga, with the power of great designs, made faster. We enhance the appearance of Atlas Physiotherapy Center, La Carpa Bar-Tapas, and Miguel’s Hairdressing Salon

Collaborative spirit

Launching a project as bold as this doesn’t require decades of experiencea truth vividly demonstrated by the six young designers who dove into renewing the local businesses of Málaga. With Freepik’s tools, these creative minds have expressed the full power of their ideas to achieve top-notch work.

Rafa Hijano, Sara Boukrouna, Mayka Cañete, María Ocaña, Javier Díaz, and Carmen Vela brought their inherent passion and talent to the table. Leveraging AI, they’ve catapulted their imagination to new heights, crafting stunning designs faster and effectively. The impact of their work is unavoidable: from eye-catching logos and business cards to distinctive uniforms and signage, they’ve injected a modern, fresh vibe into the local shops. Proudly, the designers, just like the businesses, can celebrate the transformation achieved through this remarkable social initiative.

A neighborhood isn’t quite the same without those unique places that give it a sense of home, and we’re just warming up. No boundaries can stop us from revitalizing more areas. So, Neighborhood Design goes global, and we’ve just landed in… (drumroll) San Francisco, CA! The Golden Gate City is about to get a cool new twist to some of its local businesses with the help of emergent designers brimming with stunning ideas. Keep an eye out for what’s next.