Neighborhood design: a good design for a business to flourish

They say that spring is a time for change. And just as gardens adorn themselves, businesses can also harness the energy of this season and flourish. But mind you, we’re not talking about filling the premises with flowers. We leave that in the hands of Antonio Vera Florists, who are the experts. Rather, we’re referring to how a good brand design can have a positive impact in every way (not just smell). 

This flower shop in the La Trinidad neighborhood of Málaga was in need of renovation, and with Neighborhood design, it was said and done. None of this would have been possible without María Ocaña, the emerging designer who has made the most of the AI-powered tools from Freepik to give this deeply rooted local business a fresher and more contemporary touch. Let’s see how this change has unfolded.

Taking root

María Ocaña has been working as a designer for a short time, but she brought extra experience to the Freepik initiative. She grew up in her family’s textile shop and knows well what it takes to run a business like this. As a trained designer, she sees design as the perfect ally to revitalize and boost this type of establishment

«Branding isn’t always considered an essential concept in a small business, either due to lack of resources to implement it or lack of awareness of its positive impact

Fully diving into the complete renovation of a business has been a new challenge for María that, without a doubt, will serve her well in the future. With Neighborhood design, she has firsthand experience of how the world of design works, and now her work toolkit will be better equipped.

A business in bloom

Antonio’s work runs through his veins. His father’s trade became a lifelong profession for him, and he has been opening the door of his shop with the same enthusiasm as the first day for 25 years now. But time passes for everyone, and when he looked at his shop, he knew it was asking for a renovation. So he happily accepted the invitation to participate in Neighborhood design, but neither he nor his flower shop were prepared for the spectacular change that was coming their way.

Thanks to Neighborhood Design, Antonio Vera florist shop has taken its local appeal to new heights, leveraging its impact with the power of great designs, made faster by AI tools. This is the before and after.

María met an incredibly creative person when she entered the shop, as Antonio already had plenty of ideas running through his mind for his shop. But there was something that became clear to her from the very beginning: a good design must perfectly capture what makes a business special, and the good energy and colorful atmosphere of Antonio Vera’s florist shop had to be reflected in it:

«The joy and vibrancy that both Antonio and his shop conveyed had to be captured in their new visual identity».

When Antonio saw the change, he even had to pinch himself to believe it. With modern geometric floral designs and recycling the color palette of the shop, they have achieved the change they wanted: the florist now looks current and highlights what makes it unique. 

The seeds of change

Technology is not a barrier, but rather the momentum that helps to express the full power of our ideas. For María, Freepik’s AI tools allowed her creativity to flow easily and quickly. This allowed her to dedicate more time to other creative aspects of the project:

«Undoubtedly, the use of AI has facilitated the conceptualization of the idea. It has saved me quite a few hours of editing that I have been able to invest in developing many aspects of the project».

With Sketch to image, the designer refined the facade design over a real photo, coloring it with the new color palette, and placing the new logo. This way, she could have a very realistic overall vision without having to invest time in additional work or switching between platforms. Simple and practical.

Thanks to Neighborhood Design, Antonio Vera florist shop has taken its local appeal to new heights, leveraging its impact with the power of great designs, made faster by AI tools. These are some of its new materials.

Neighborhood design leaves its mark on this florist, leaving it with a renewed image. But the change isn’t just on the outside: now both longtime customers and new faces stop by. And just like the flowers in the streets, now Antonio’s and Maria’s designs adorn and brighten up the neighborhood. 

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