Create your album cover from scratch with Text-to-image & Reimagine

Getting the most out of our AI image generator and Reimagine tools is child’s play with time and practice. There are tons of situations where our AI tools can help you overcome any creative block and excel in your projects.

We’ve already covered permutation prompts and how they can help you craft unique visual stories. And today, we’re using them and the magic of AI to create an album cover.

So this is the scenario: you’re working with a local band who’s about to release their first EP—let’s make it even spicier, you’re part of the band! You’ve already gathered for some brainstorming sessions about what the visual should be: you know the concept, you know the style, and now it’s all about finding that amigo who can translate the idea in your head into an actual design.

Open both the Text-to-image generator and Reimagine, and grab a pen and paper—it’s time to start creating!

Ready. Set. Create!

Your songs have that summer glow, so, for your first release, your band’s drummer came up with an interesting idea—why don’t you go with a pair of legs hanging from the poolside, tanned and relaxed, like one of those modern paintings? A vision of a summer’s dream. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Great! Now, we need to properly describe the image in words to create a killing prompt that captures our idea. The elements of the image are clear enough: the poolside, a pair of radiant legs, kissed by the sun, the painting style. Do we want some flip-flops? Yeah, we can definitely go without flip-flops this time.

But what about the lighting, colors, the composition of the image, or the angle of the camera?

We need to be as specific as possible. But don’t worry, even if prompting is not one of your strengths, you can use our Reimagine tool to upload an image you’d like to imitate. Once uploaded, you will get a prompt in the prompt box on your left. A great starting point to modify or add any element to get closer to the result you want.

For our example, we’ve used this picture from our 150M+ assets library to generate a prompt that can serve as a first draft of the image we want to create.

Album Cover - Photo 1

Person’s legs dangling in a swimming pool with clear blue water, viewed from the edge of the pool with pool tiles and a part of a poolside visible

We’re off to a good start! Let’s take this prompt to the Text-to-image generator

Time to play around

Before we jump into the pool of stunning visuals, let’s pause for a second and think about what we want to use this image for. As we’re creating an album cover, it’s essential to choose a suitable ratio. Opting for a square 1:1 format aligns well with most music platforms and physical formats, so pick it from the ratio menu you’ll find right next to the prompt box.

Now that we are all set**, it’s time to play around with this prompt and the Text-to-image generator**. There are plenty of styles you can experiment with, and using permutations will give us different variations that can inspire us. Let’s edit the prompt with some of these permutations and extra elements that really capture that summer feeling.

A close shot [Caucasian/Asian/Black] person’s legs dangling over a swimming pool’s edge, wearing a [dress, swimsuit, shorts] with sun loungers in the background

Now, we don’t want to go photorealistic for this image, so we’ve chosen the painting style filter to create a chill, relaxed visual that also catches our eye. And it looks like we’re getting somewhere!

Album Cover - 2

Since we want our image to be used as an album cover, we’ve chosen a result that left some space to add the band’s name and the album title. This is the one we’ve selected:

Album Cover - Photo 3

Yep, that looks like a winner! Let’s take this image to Reimagine to generate some variations and see if any of those is even more interesting. As we’ve seen before, Reimagine gives you an editable prompt for any image you upload, allowing you to play around with certain elements. You can also adjust the “imagination” our tool adds to your image, between subtle, vivid, or wild.

Album Cover - Photo 3

In this case, we opted for the vivid option and ended up choosing a slight variation of the image. At this point, it’s normal to feel hesitant, all the options were great! We’ve saved a few in the My creations folder in case we want to try a different version.

The only thing left now is adding our visual to a top-notch mockup, like the ones you can find in Freepik.

And voilà! Here’s the album cover for the next summer hit!

The best part? That didn’t take us any more than 20 minutes! You can also start experimenting and creating your visuals combining the potential of Reimagine and Text-to-image. We’re sure you’ll have great fun in the process.

We’ll see you in the next article!

Do not fear mistakes. There are none – Miles Davis