What are permutation prompts and why you’ll love them

Hey fellow creators! Excited to jump into the world of AI image creation? If you’re like us, you’ve probably spent some time gazing at a blank canvas (or prompt bar), wondering where the next wave of inspiration will come from. 

Well, good news: Our brand new AI image generator is changing the game with something called permutation prompts, and with shiny new features like real time and infinite generations. Ready to get those creative gears turning? Let ‘s dive in!

 What are permutation prompts?

Imagine you’re a chef in a kitchen full of ingredients, and permutation prompts are those recipes that can create a bunch of different dishes using a mix of these ingredients. In the world of AI image generation, these “ingredients” are the options you feed the AI, and the “dishes” are the amazing images it cooks up for you.

Permutation prompts work by using a simple formula: you put your options in parentheses `()` and separate them with a “|”. This tells the AI, “Hey, mix and match these for me, will ya?” And just like that, you get a variety of images from just one prompt!

Let’s say you want a picture of a cat, but not just any cat. You want to see it in all its glory, in different colors and settings, many cats. So, you might type:

“A (black|white|orange) cat lounging in a (sunny garden|cozy bedroom)


Boom! You’ve just set the stage for the AI to generate images of black, white, and orange cats chilling in either a sunny garden or a cozy bedroom. That’s more than six unique images from one prompt. Cool, right?

Permutation prompts meet new AI features

Picture this: you’re scrolling through an endless feed of images, each one sparking a new idea or adding a layer to your vision. It’s like having a never ending art gallery at your fingertips, where you can keep tweaking your prompts and see new creations unfold before your eyes. That’s the power of Freepik’s new AI Image Generator with real-time generation and infinity scroll. 

Before we dive deep into the creative pool with permutation prompts, there’s another trick up our sleeve that’ll take your AI-generated images to the next level, no matter the prompt — premade style buttons! 

Whether you’re aiming for a vintage look, a futuristic vibe, or anything else, these style buttons add that extra layer of personality to your creations. They’ve been crafted by our team of AI specialists, so they simplify your work (but if you want to learn more about prompts, take a look here). Rather than figuring out how to generate a photo, simply click on the “Photography” style and it’ll be done. And guess what? You can mix and match these styles, just like you do with toppings on your favorite pizza. Colors, framing, lighting – your call!

Plus, with our handy aspect ratio feature, you can ensure your artistic visions fit perfectly in any frame, from portrait to landscape and everything in between. This means you’re not just creating with freedom; you’re creating with precision and flair, making your images stand out in exactly the way you envision. 

Tips for the perfect permutation prompt

– Keep It Simple, But Not Too Simple: You’ll want to start with clear, concise options that give the AI some direction. Think of it as guiding a friend who’s drawing something for you. For example: “A cute (puppy|kitten) playing with a (ball|yarn).” Simple, right? But from this, you get a mix of playful puppies and kittens, each with their favorite toy. 

Detail is Your Friend: The more specific you are with your options, the closer the AI will get to painting your dream image.

Balance is Key: While it’s tempting to throw in the kitchen sink, remember that the best prompts are a balance of imaginative yet concise. Keep in mind, the more opposite the concepts are, the more obvious the variations will be! 

Iteration Leads to Perfection: Use the feedback loop of real-time generation to refine your ideas. Each scroll can inspire a tweak to your prompt, leading to even more personalized images.

Mix it up with multiple permutations 

Now, let’s spice things up! You can combine different sets of options or even nest them within each other for more complex images. It’s like telling that friend, “Draw me a scene with this AND that, but also consider adding THIS in there.” 

  • A (knight|wizard) facing a (dragon|giant) in the (forest|mountains), under a (stormy|starry) sky.
  • A (taxi|cyclist) zooming through rain-slick streets, passing by brightly lit (highway|skyscrapers).
  • A (tent|cabin) nestled in a (foggy|sunlit) forest, surrounded by (tall trees|wildflowers).

See? You’re creating a whole storyline with just one prompt!

15 Free permutation prompt examples

The real fun begins when you start experimenting. Mix unexpected elements, play with styles, and explore themes you’ve never thought of before. Go wild with something like: 

“An alien (tea party|soccer game) on (Mars|a spaceship), watched by (robots|space hamsters).” 

Then click on the top styles, like “Photography” and “Cinematic”. Try all the following permutations right here, in the new AI Image Generator with the code “permutationblog

  • A (submarine|mermaid) exploring a vibrant coral reef, surrounded by (colorful fish|sunken treasures) under the (blue waves|sunlight filtering through).
  • A (butterfly|hummingbird) fluttering around (colorful flowers|a bubbling fountain) in a (sun-drenched|twilight) garden.
  • A (sizzling barbecue|fragrant potluck) in a serene (backyard|park), surrounded by the aroma of (grilling meats|homemade pies).
  • A (vampire|werewolf) engaging in a fierce battle in a (moonlit cemetery|haunted mansion), under a (veil of mist|crackling thunderstorm).
  • A (samurai|ninja) dueling on a (cherry blossom-covered hill|bamboo forest), under the glow of (paper lanterns|shimmering moonlight).
  • A (steaming pot|sizzling skillet) of culinary delights simmering over a crackling (campfire|stovetop), amidst the peaceful sounds of (crackling wood|sizzling ingredients).
  • A (steampunk adventurer|clockwork automaton) embarking on a journey across (mechanical plains|steamy industrial cities), under the gaze of (copper contraptions|smog-choked skies).
  • A (phoenix|dragon) soaring through the (crimson skies|cloud-kissed mountains), against the backdrop of a (setting sun|rising moon).
  • A (richly spiced curry|creamy risotto) bubbling away in a (fragrant|cozy) kitchen, filling the air with the scent of (exotic spices|creamy Parmesan).
  • A (ghost|witch) casting spells in an ancient (ruined castle|enchanted forest), enveloped in (ethereal moonlight|flickering torchlight).
  • A (bountiful harvest|richly laden table) nestled in the heart of an (abundant orchard|lush vineyard), under the gentle sway of (rustling leaves|swaying vines).
  • A (bounty hunter|outlaw) tracking their prey in a (desert canyon|ghost town), with the sun casting long shadows amidst the (cacti|dilapidated buildings).
  • A (fairy|gnome) frolicking in a (whimsical meadow|enchanted glade), surrounded by (glimmering fireflies|enchanted mushrooms) under a (twinkling star canopy|moonlit clearing).
  • A (detective|femme fatale) unraveling mysteries in a (smoky noir alley|opulent ballroom), under the glare of (street lamps|crystal chandeliers).

And there you have it, your beginner’s guide to rocking permutation prompts with our AI image generator is finished – but you’re good to go! Remember, this is all about giving wings to your creativity, experimenting without fear, and most importantly, having fun along the way. Happy creating!