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An image enhancer powered by AI

Upscale images up to 4K

Upscale images up to 4K

Enhance your image quality and resolution

Contextual textures and details

Contextual textures and details

Textures and details are added based on your image

Batch image upscaling

Batch image upscaling

Upload and upscale up to 20 images at once

Introducing Freepik’s image Upscaler

Introducing Freepik’s image Upscaler

Freepik Upscaler is your go-to tool for turning everyday images into stunning, high-resolution visuals.Made for everyone, from professional designers to casual hobbyists, Upscaler uses AI to enhance the quality and resolution of your images, making every pixel pop.

Original vs enhanced image

Original vs enhanced image

It makes every photo look its best. You can easily upload up to 20 images at once and customize your results by exploring different levels of imagination and special styles like Portrait, 3D, or Digital art.

Your AI photo enhancer

Designed to enhance the quality of overly compressed, old, and low-quality photos, it will sharpen and refine them.Revitalize your photos with Upscaler!

Customize the upscaling

Customize the upscaling

Set the imagination option to Custom and take complete control of your images. Use the Creativity slider to add a new twist to your visuals, and adjust the Resemblance slider to control how closely the results match the original image.

How to upscale images?


1. Upload one or more images

You can drag and drop your images, or use your creations directly from our AI image generator.

2. Select output quality and imagination levels

Choose between 2K or 4K quality. You can also adjust the imagination level if you want to increase or decrease the amount of details that the AI adds by default.

3. Download or tweak if needed

While the AI enhances your image quality and resolution, you can keep working—it’ll handle everything in the background.

Make the most out of our image enhancer

Upscaling an image is just one part of the creative journey. Don’t miss out on the rest!

image of a hummingbird flying created with freepik's ai image generator
AI image generator

Create impressive visuals with our AI image generator in no time. Just type a short prompt, select a style, and watch them appear right before your eyes.

images of girl with a blue backpack in different styles generated by reimagine

Get infinite variations for your image with AI. Play with styles and tweak the imagination level to transform your visuals in fresh, exciting ways.

More tools and features coming soon! Want to test them before anyone? Become our AI partner.

Frequently asked questions

  • Freepik Upscaler is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance the quality of images up to resolution. It refines details, sharpness, and overall fidelity to produce high-resolution images. Its versatility makes it ideal for any type of project.
  • You can upload and upscale multiple images at once. You can personalize the results by selecting the imagination option and image style. A slider allows you to compare the original and upscaled image instantly.
  • Yes, you can upscale up to 2 images for free per day. If you have Freepik Premium, you can upscale up to 20 images daily.
  • JPG, JPEG, WEBP and PNG formats are accepted.
  • Yes, Freepik Upscaler allows batch upscaling. You can upload and enhance up to 20 images simultaneously (2 for free users), saving time and ensuring consistency across multiple images.
  • Freepik Upscaler offers various customization options through different levels of the imagination filter and styles, such as Portrait, 3D, or Digital art. These options allow users to achieve specific visual enhancements and adapt the upscaled images to their needs.

If you need further information, please contact us