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Summer, the hottest season

3 months and 23 days to enjoy the warmest season

Welcome to summer! In 2023, the summer solstice will take place on June 21. This magical time of year brings sunshine, relaxation, and the chance to make memories that will last a lifetime. As we embrace the longer days and warmer temperatures, it’s important to take a moment to appreciate all that summer has to offer. Summer is filled with symbo... Show more

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Get the sunniest assets to enjoy summer in style


Let’s have fun this summer with these delightful symbols

Summer Color Palette

  • HEX rgb(0, 101, 155)
  • RGB rgb(0, 101, 155)
  • CMYK rgb(0, 101, 155)
  • HSL rgb(0, 101, 155)
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Summer in lapis lazuli: add a touch of royalty to your designs

Lapis lazuli is the perfect color to associate with summer, evoking sunny skies and sparkling oceans. This bright blue hue has a captivating effect when used in fashion, art, and interior design. It symbolizes royalty and wisdom, making it an excellent choice for a special occasion look or statement piece. Lapis lazuli can enhance any design or composition with its bold color and bring a sense of sophistication. So if you want to add a touch of regal elegance and summertime vibes to your ideas and creations, lapis lazuli is the perfect choice for you. With its stunningly deep blue hue, it’s sure to make any creation look and feel more luxurious.

  • HEX rgb(106, 212, 238)
  • RGB rgb(106, 212, 238)
  • CMYK rgb(106, 212, 238)
  • HSL rgb(106, 212, 238)
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The sky’s the limit: the colorful benefits of a summery blue

When it comes to summer, sky blue is one of the best colors to make a statement. From its calming presence to its stylish possibilities, sky blue can take your design from drab to fab while keeping things cool and visually attractive. Sky blue brings a feeling of serenity and peace, making it the perfect summertime hue. Its lightness helps to create an airy atmosphere that’s ideal for relaxing or simply gazing at it on a hot summer day. Sky blue also pairs well with other colors like oranges and yellows, creating an excellent contrast. It is also an extremely versatile color for any summer design project. It can be used to add a bright, bold pop of color when paired with other pastels, or it can be used as a soothing backdrop in outdoor spaces to create an oasis-like atmosphere.

  • HEX rgb(255, 142, 72)
  • RGB rgb(255, 142, 72)
  • CMYK rgb(255, 142, 72)
  • HSL rgb(255, 142, 72)
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A sumptuous summer in atomic tangerine

Summertime is all about having fun and soaking up the sun, and there’s no better way to do it than with a splash of vibrant atomic tangerine. This delectable hue adds a spark of life to any creation, making it an ideal choice for summer design. Atomic Tangerine is a bright and bold color that can be seen in everything from clothing to furniture, decor, and even advertisements. Its vibrant orange hue is the perfect complement to any summer scene, creating an energetic atmosphere full of fun and good vibes. By adding this color to your design scheme, you can create a cheerful, inviting atmosphere that will make everyone feel at ease.

  • HEX rgb(255, 202, 106)
  • RGB rgb(255, 202, 106)
  • CMYK rgb(255, 202, 106)
  • HSL rgb(255, 202, 106)
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Xanthous summer: the color of creativity and joy

When summer hits, xanthous is the perfect color to embrace. Its mellow yellow hue emits a sense of joy and creativity, igniting an inner passion that’s ready to burst in new directions. Whether you’re updating your website or working on design projects, xanthous will always be the perfect accent for your summer palette. Xanthous pairs beautifully with other bright and muted colors, allowing you to create an array of interesting looks. It’s a color that helps bring your ideas to life and encourages exploration in design. So this season, don’t be afraid to have some fun with Xanthous. Let it be your inspiration and bring the joy of summer into everything you create.

  • HEX rgb(242, 232, 94)
  • RGB rgb(242, 232, 94)
  • CMYK rgb(242, 232, 94)
  • HSL rgb(242, 232, 94)
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Maize and magnificent: this summer color is making a statement

No one can deny the power of an eye-catching color. When it comes to summer, maize is taking center stage, giving designs some much needed zest. From graphic design to home décor, this vibrant golden hue is the perfect accent for elegant and light-hearted creations. The beauty of maize lies in its unique blend of warmth and brightness. It’s a great way to bring some sunshine into your ideas without overwhelming the senses with too much yellow. Maize can also be used as an accent to modernize classic color palettes. By combining shades of blues, oranges, and yellows with maize, you can create a design that feels both familiar and fresh.


Summer celebrations throughout history: harnessing the joy of the season

Since ancient times, people have embraced summer as a time for joy and celebration. From the ancient Greeks honoring their gods to Medieval pagans welcoming in the season with singing and dancing, humans throughout history have found ways to mark this special period of sunshine and warmth. Later on, with the Industrial Revolution came new ways to celebrate summer. People could now attend fairs and carnivals complete with rides, games, and other amusements. Summer festivals grew in popularity during this time as well, ushering in a wave of festivities that are still enjoyed today. For centuries summer has been a time for festivals to bring the community in celebration of this joyous season. Join us in taking a look at the history of summer celebrations and how they have evolved over time.

Ancient times

Celebrating summer in ancient times

A look at history’s most festive solstice celebrations

Summer solstices were cause for celebration among ancient societies. To mark the longest day of the year, people from different cultures around the world honored the season with a variety of festivities. The Greeks would honor the god of time and harvest, Cronus, with festivities like Kronia, while the Romans celebrated the goddess of hearth and home, Vesta, with Vestalia. And let’s not forget the ancient Olympic Games in Greece, that kicked off shortly after the solstice. Meanwhile, pagans got in on the action with their own holiday, Midsommar, which involved bonfires, maypole dancing and plenty of delicious food. It is clear that the summer solstice has long been a cause for celebration all over the world for many centuries. As the longest day of the year, it is no surprise that so many cultures have found ways to mark this special occasion.

Late 18th century and 19th century

A new era for summer celebrations

Exploring the impact of the Industrial Revolution on vacation-going

The industrial revolution of the 19th century kicked off a new era of summer celebrations as people could now travel more easily to vacation destinations. This ushered in a contemporary tourism industry that has continued to grow and evolve over time. Not only did this industrial progress give people the freedom to explore new places, but it also allowed them to spend more quality time together and create lasting memories. As people began taking vacations further from home, they found themselves in a wealth of different activities and experiences. From beachside resorts to scenic hiking trails, the newfound ability to travel opened up a world of possibilities for celebrating the summer months. People took advantage of this newfound freedom to explore and create unique experiences that were tailored specifically to their preferences. The industrial revolution also allowed people to take advantage of modern conveniences such as trains, making it easier for them to reach far-off destinations in a fraction of the time compared to when travel was solely dependent on horse-drawn carriages. This allowed people to explore more of the world around them and discover new cultures, customs, and people.


The start of cool

How air conditioning changed the way we celebrate summer in the 50s

In the 1950s, air conditioning started to become commonplace. This was a revolutionary development that meant that summer could be enjoyed without sweltering heat or sticky humidity. Now, people could truly get the most out of warm weather months. The advent of air conditioning meant that outdoor activities were much more enjoyable. Families could now hit up a drive-in movie or visit an amusement park without feeling the oppressive heat. For those who preferred to stay home, there was no longer any need for fans and open windows; air conditioners could keep a house cool no matter the temperature outside. At the same time, air conditioning also made people more comfortable indoors. Eating dinner at home didn’t have to involve sweltering temperatures and sweat dripping off of faces. Restaurants could serve up delicious dishes without having to worry about customers getting too hot.


The summers of love and nature

The 1960s revolution and its impact on outdoor recreation

The Cultural Revolution of the 60s changed the way we looked at outdoor recreation, shifting away from traditional activities such as fishing and hunting. Instead, people sought out experiences that felt more connected to nature — cycling on country roads and camping trips with friends. It was a new type of freedom that allowed people to explore the world in a more mindful way. The 60s also gave us a better understanding of the environment and how to take care of it. As people began to embrace nature, environmental movements started popping up all over the place. Suddenly everyone was focused on conserving natural resources and preserving the planet — something that would be unheard of before the 60s.


Seven spectacular ways of celebrating summer around the world

Summer is a time of celebration and joy, no matter where you are. From beach parties in Greece to late-night feasts in Italy, festivals in the United States to backyard barbecues in Brazil, there’s something for everyone. Let’s check out some of the amazing ways to enjoy summer in different countries around the world.

Celebrate summer in Greece: an epic odyssey

Summer in Greece is a unique experience, with popular destinations like Santorini and Mykonos offering their own fascinating vibes and activities. Whether you’re looking for a quiet beach excursion or an all-night dance party, these hotspots are sure to have something for everyone. Additionally, many summer music festivals can be found all over the country, such as the River Party and Athens and Epidaurus Festival. Greece is also home to some of the world’s most ancient ruins. From temples in Athens to the Acropolis, you’ll find plenty of historical places to explore and learn about during your stay. Finally, no visit to Greece is complete without experiencing its delicious cuisine. Local dishes such as stuffed grape leaves, tzatziki, and moussaka are sure to make your mouth water — not to mention the creamy Greek yogurt, gyros, and sweet ouzo.

Summertime in Italy, an unforgettable experience

With its breathtaking landscapes, stunning coastlines, and delicious cuisine, it really is a place like no other. From the Amalfi Coast to Tuscany and the Italian Riviera, there are so many amazing places to explore during the summer months in Italy. As one of the most popular summer destinations for travelers, Italy is full of exciting activities to experience and explore. From sailing along the Mediterranean coastlines to exploring ancient ruins, there is something for everyone to enjoy during a summer holiday in this beautiful country. When it comes time to unwind and relax after a day of sightseeing, Italy offers some of the best cuisine in the world. From tasty pizzas and pastas to seafood specialties and gelato for dessert, Italian food is sure to please any palate.

Summertime in the USA: exploring America’s quirks, hot spots and must-do activities

Spanning across North America and stretching from coast to coast, there is no shortage of opportunities for Americans to cool off come summertime. From the sandy beaches of California to the boardwalks of New Jersey, Americans flock to popular summer destinations to soak up some sun and take a break from their daily lives. The Fourth of July is always one of the most exciting times for Americans to celebrate their freedom and union as well as their rich cultural heritage that comes with it. Fireworks light up the night sky as families gather around to enjoy traditional BBQs and play some backyard games. When it comes to getting away from it all, family road trips are an iconic American tradition made popular by films like National Lampoon’s Vacation. From navigating winding mountain roads in the Rockies to discovering the charming towns of the Midwest, the possibilities are truly endless for an unforgettable summer adventure. No matter where you go in the United States, there is always something unique to discover and explore.

Celebrating summer in Brazil: a guide to the delights of the land of sun and sand

Summertime in Brazil is a time for relaxation, exploration and adventure. Located in the southern hemisphere, Brazil enjoys long, warm summer days from December to February — perfect for soaking up the sun and exploring its many attractions. The country has over 7,400 km of coastline, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, making it a popular summer destination for travelers from around the globe. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, visitors can explore many of Brazil’s unique natural attractions such as the Amazon rainforest and the Iguaçu Falls. Other popular activities include traveling to the historic towns of Salvador and Ouro Preto, visiting the famous Christ Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, or heading to the cities of São Paulo and Recife for exciting nightlife. Brazil is renowned for its delicious cuisine, with regional specialties such asijoada (black bean stew) and moqueca (seafood stew) that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The country also offers a wide selection of tropical fruits and juices, perfect for cooling down after a long hot day in the sun. But Summer in Brazil wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the world-famous Carnival. It takes place in the four days before Ash Wednesday and is celebrated throughout Brazil with parades, music, dancing, and parties. The biggest celebration takes place in Rio de Janeiro, where the Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí hosts a massive costume parade with vibrant colors, costumes and floats.

Celebrate summer in the sunny south: the unforgettable Spanish experience

Set on the Iberian Peninsula, blessed with stunning beaches and vibrant cities, Spain is an ideal destination for soaking up the sun during summer. From Costa del Sol to Ibiza and beyond, there are plenty of options for a memorable vacation in the Mediterranean. The summer festivities begin with the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, a centuries-old celebration that takes place late July and early August. Each morning, brave participants test their courage by running ahead of a herd of bulls in the narrow streets of the city. August also marks the Tomatina Festival in Buñol, a celebration where participants pelt each other with tomatoes and get into a giant food fight. It is truly an experience like no other! When it comes to cuisine, there are plenty of delicious options. Gazpacho, a cold soup made with tomatoes, peppers, and onions is a classic summer dish in Spain. Paella, a rice dish cooked with saffron and mixed with seafood, chicken, or other ingredients is also popular. And no Spanish summer feast would be complete without a glass of chilled sangria!

Summer down under: celebrating the season of the sun in Australia

For many, summer is the best season of all. It’s the time for warm weather and sunny days, for outdoor activities and family vacations. But when it comes to celebrating summer, none does it quite like Australia — the “Land Down Under.” Australia’s unique location and geography make it a natural paradise for summer holidaymakers. Situated in the Southern Hemisphere, its summer officially runs from December to February, when the days are hot and sunny. This is why many flock to Australia’s stunning beaches, with popular destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef and Gold Coast providing endless days of sun, sand, and surf. But there’s more to Australian summer than just the beaches. Did you know that they celebrate Christmas during the warmest season of the year? On top of that, outdoor activities abound, from sports and adventure pursuits to more leisurely options like visiting national parks and taking part in festivals. For the foodies out there, Australia’s diverse culinary culture offers a wealth of unique tastes and flavors to savor.

Summer in South Africa: a season of fun and adventure

South Africa is a beautiful country located in the southernmost tip of the African continent, offering a variety of landscapes from beaches to deserts and mountains. With the summer season going from December to February, the country enjoys warm temperatures perfect for fun outdoor activities. Kruger National Park is one of the most popular summer destinations in South Africa, with a variety of safari options available. The park is home to the Big Five — lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalo — as well as over 500 other species of animals, making it a great place to spot wildlife. Cape Town is another popular summer destination in South Africa, with its stunning beaches and picturesque mountains. There are lots of activities to enjoy in the city, from cable car rides up Table Mountain to boat trips around the coast to spot whales and dolphins. If you’re looking for a more active getaway, South Africa has plenty of adventure activities such as kloofing, hiking, and mountain biking. For beachgoers, there are plenty of opportunities to relax on the golden sands and cool off in the crystal-clear waters. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation or an exciting adventure, South Africa is the perfect place to spend your summer. With its stunning landscapes and variety of activities, it’s the perfect destination for an unforgettable experience.