Travel collections: explore the best resources to suit your style

As summer approaches, those big annual dreams around travel are reactivated. Dreaming about traveling is one of those things that almost everyone does. 

It doesn’t matter where you come from and where you want to go on your next adventure – dreaming about getting on the road and discovering different places is a shared pleasure. Yes, literally too, as traveling is something we dream about quite often, and that’s true in many different parts of the world, according to some studies

Until it’s time to pack your bags, as well as continuing to dream of exotic destinations, you probably need to start creating and designing your content for this year’s holiday period. Every season, travel generates a great deal of business, excitement, joy, nerves… and also content. 

That’s why in this post we want to highlight different collections created by our team according to the type of visual resource you need, so that you can choose the one that best suits your project. You can browse through the resources of each one of them, collect the visuals that interest you to create your own collection, or directly download all of them in one click. 

We invite you to join us on this journey through our collections, in which we will stop at three different types of visuals: high quality photographs, vectors of all kinds and sticker packs according to their style and theme. Are you ready? Then let’s get going. 

Wanderlust photography

The term wanderlust comes from the German wandern – to wander – and lust – passion –, and today it is used to define those who have made this passion for discovering unknown places their way of life.  

Every time you set off to explore an unknown place, you experience a thrill that mixes excitement with intrigue and can even become addictive. At least that’s what happens to those who have made wanderlust their way of life.  

If you have an adventurous spirit, you will surely have experienced it. And you may have wondered why you’re like that. Some studies link this restlessness to genetics, while other experts believe it has more to do with the personality you develop over the course of your own life. Whatever the case, one thing is clear: if you are one of those who dream of discovering new places, traveling generates a feeling of happiness that makes you want to do it all over again. 

Whether you need them for your project, or if you want them to feed your wanderlust spirit without leaving home, the photographs in this collection are the best visual representation of where we want to be. 

Our intention is to use them to generate that feeling of happiness mentioned a few lines ago, but we won’t be held responsible if they also provoke a bit of envy. 

Vectors – Say Aloha to summer

There is another type of travel that, rather than feeding the adventurous spirit, feeds the spirit of enjoyment. That’s the kind of travel that makes you forget your problems in a new place that allows you to relax, meet new people and activities, or simply lie down for a few days to savor life with the best of your smiles. And if possible, with an ice-cold drink in your hand. 

This collection of vectors is ideal to transport you and represent the mood of relaxed summer trips, the beaches where you’d like to hang out and forget about everything and live the carefree lifestyle. 

Tropical and Hawaiian aesthetics are still on trend. In this collection, you will find everything you need for a very Aloha summer. They’re perfect for illustrating digital or printed content… But they’re great for so much more! Imagine these logos or badges printed on surf t-shirts or beach bags; as identification for getaways or group activities; or as part of the merchandising for your summer events and parties. Success is guaranteed. 

Traveling stickers

It’s no secret that stickers (digital or physical) are something we all want to have and use. Stickers are one of the strongest trends of recent months. In this collection we have put together different sticker packs: naive, kawaii, with a greater or lesser level of realism and detail, and some that even represent those who think that a pirate life is the best life. 

Stickers are a good ally to communicate in a cool and relaxed way, and what could be better than a bit of coolness in the summer months? You can print them out and use them in notebooks, diaries and planners. But they will also help you in the design of your digital product if it includes instant messaging, an automatic notification system, or any other content to communicate with users. They’re sure to appreciate the fun, friendly touch. 

Download the pack that best represents you and modify the details and colors of the stickers with your favorite tool if you need to. 

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so we have created this collection with many of them to represent the spirit of travel and discovery. Add them all to your suitcase of resources and make sure you always have the most complete luggage at hand. 

If you are not yet subscribed, go Premium for very little and enjoy unlimited travel through millions of visuals ready to use in your projects. 

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