Freepik authentic photos: 20M human-generated images

It’s not a coincidence that we crave authenticity. In the digital landscape filled with perfectionism, finding a connection with the real world has become a creative challenge. As we scroll through polished galleries, the quest for authenticity only increases. At Freepik, we heard that call: to embrace the genuine, the real–true gems of life–without compromising quality. 

That’s why we have been dedicated lately to refurbishing our library of resources. And now, Freepik is powered up with 20 million new, authentic, and honest-to-the-bone snaps

Much different from what you’d expect from a photo bank.

So, get real! Jump into Freepik authentic photos and express your ideas with 20M human-generated photographs, for when AI falls short. 

Scenes as real as life

Freepik authentic photos are not typical stock images. Each photograph focuses on a genuine moment, portraying authentic emotions, human experiences, and interactions. 

From candid snapshots of everyday life, like a gathering with friends, to powerful portraits capturing raw emotions. These photos can really breathe some life into your visual stories.

Authentic photo 1

Authenticity through different lenses 

When it comes to sourcing authentic and captivating visuals for your content, we know it’s not easy peasy lemon squeezy. So, we’re proud to offer a diverse range of high-quality photos across various categories:

· Business and marketing
· Nature
· Food and drink
· Sport
· Lifestyle and wellness
· People and emotions
· Education and learning
· Industry and technology

Such a rich tapestry of cultures, identities, and lifestyles will help you embrace diversity and inclusivity. From multicultural get-togethers to individual expressions of uniqueness, these images empower you to represent the depth and breadth of human experiences in your designs.

Wrap your head around finding the best photos

Be second to none with the quality of your content. There are several strategies that you can employ to discover high-quality images for your creative projects. 

One effective approach is to utilize the search functionality on our website, using specific keywords related to your desired theme or subject matter. By entering relevant search terms, you are more likely to generate results that match your expectations.

On top of that, you can take advantage of search filters that will help you to filter for or out people, define orientation, or rely on Frepik’s Choice. 

Another great idea is to explore the most downloaded and popular photos of the week. That section provides valuable insights into currently trending visual content.

Last but not least, go on and leverage our search-by-image tool, which offers a unique way to visually discover similar images and expand your creative possibilities.

By following these tricks, you can uncover the best photos that match your vision and elevate the impact of your artistic endeavors.

A photo that is worth 1000 words

Incorporating photos into your content creation can massively enhance its visual appeal and engagement. When using photos, it’s good to make sure they are relevant to the message you want to send and resonate with your target audience, e.g., through personal characteristics like skin color.

Authentic photo 2

High-quality images that align with your brand’s identity and unique tonality can effectively capture attention and convey emotions. 

The elephant in the room is always optimizing the size and format of photos for web usage, but remember that it is crucial to maintain fast loading times and a seamless user experience. What’s more, keep in mind that alt text and descriptive file names can contribute to improved accessibility and search engine visibility. Strive to be inclusive! 

Whether it’s for social media posts, blog articles, or email campaigns, integrating authentic photos can improve the memorability of your content and the overall impact. To stay on top of your game, we encourage you also to find out more about current and upcoming photography trends, just click here.

Be unapologetically human

In an age where AI and everything digital are omnipresent, the search for something genuine has never been more prevalent. This longing for authenticity is what we want to address with our addition of 20 million authentic and high-quality photos to our photo bank—a remarkable lapse from conventional stock images. 

These real-life photographs showcase sincere emotions and experiences, spanning a broad spectrum of categories that mirror the diversity of human life. 

They are not just another series of pictures—they’re a collection of moments that bring visual stories to life. 

Authentic photo 3

Creators who prioritize authenticity can offer a stark contrast to the oftentimes edited and filtered reality online. And through that, they make a powerful statement that authenticity cannot be replaced.