Once upon a Mom-ent, celebrate Her story with Disney and Pixar characters

Mother’s Day, at its core, is a time to acknowledge and appreciate the role of Moms in our lives. Her story counts. 

Let’s look at Mother’s Day as an opportunity to honor motherhood and everything that comes with it. At Freepik, we encourage you to take a mom-ent to explore how you can turn legacy into artwork and celebrate Her story with Disney characters.

Tales of the past are the art of the future

You wouldn’t be you if not for the ones who came before you. Family-inspired works resonate with others who have similar experiences or feelings, and therefore, they can help you build a sense of connection and community. They show how personal stories can have universal appeal, fostering a deeper engagement with your audience.

Yet, digging into family stories is not just about unearthing content for your next endeavor; it enables you to dive into a deep well of inspiration that can inform, enrich, and diversify your creative expression, making your work more meaningful and impactful.

Artworks featuring Disney and Pixar characters to celebrate Moms

To celebrate Mothers all over the world, we can draw inspiration from Disney characters. Their empowering strength, intelligence, and resilience are qualities definitely worth searching for in your own personal story.

Some of the most beloved Disney and Pixar movies in which the character of a Mom plays an important role are The Lion King and The Incredibles. Play with a wish card featuring Sarabi and make a Mom feel special. 

Mom-ents with Disney image 2

Much like a mother’s hug or words of comfort, Winnie-the-Pooh symbolizes comfort and security for many. So, use this love letter template to bring him into your creative process. The stories of Winnie-the-Pooh emphasize the importance of community and the value of strong relationships. Hence, it’s only fair to mention also a cute family of kangaroos. Illustrate the impact of motherly love and care using the template with Kanga and her son Roo

A special day requires special preparations, so make variety your friend and take your time before making the final decision. Explore designs with characters like Dumbo or spin around 101 Dalmatians Mother’s Day card.

Whatever you choose, remember that gestures are often more powerful than words. They are the silent language of the heart.

Celebrate yourself and those around you

We encourage you to honor with pride the legacy that has been carried throughout generations and let it inspire and make you grow. Whatever it is, it’s part of who you are today and, therefore, ought to be accepted. Use art like our design templates with Disney characters to celebrate with your loved ones mom-ents you treasure the most.