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Can I use these graphic resources to create a product and sell it?

Freepik's resources are free and you can use them in T-shirts, invitations, postcards, mugs, vinyls... Whatever you want!

However, when using our resources for commercial purposes, remember that you must comply with our terms of use, so please check them out!

If you are free member you must insert the correct attribution in the final product. For example, if you include a resource from Freepik on a T-shirt, you must add "Designed by Freepik" on the T-shirt itself. Additionally, please make sure you comply with the terms of use as well.

If you use a monthly or annual subscription you can include our resources in any products you wish without inserting the attribution to the author, as long as you also comply with the terms of use.

Please remember that you cannot make business or redistribute our original files, that is, you must not share the AI, EPS, PSD file with your clients.

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