Get Animalistic With Freepik Academy

By Freepik Academy 1 year ago

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own Animal Kingdom one where all your favourite animals get to roam free? Well, now you can with Freepik. From ferocious to fluffy you will have so many furry friends you can create your own zoo. Even better you can really get your paws on some great skills and tips that will improve your portfolio.

Each course really gives you the chance to learn about different fields of designs. With the Learn About Animal Design Course, you can make some realistic and detailed sketches using Adobe Photoshop. Or for something a little lighter on the go you can create some cute bunny doodles using Adobe Illustrator. What’s more something as simple as a circle or square can become your new four-legged companion with the course on how to develop characters from basic shapes.

Each course is flexible meaning you can choose when and where (on your mobile or from your desk) you would like to complete it. You will become a professional at creating some amazing animal designs and we recommend you try every last one. Even better there’s no cleanup or expensive vet bills. Though we have to say some designs are so realistic we are slightly scared they may literally leap off the page.