How to report issues that don’t fit our standards

Report issues and help us curate your content

Did you know that you can report any issue you encounter that doesn’t meet our standards? By doing so, you’ll help us make your browsing experience better and get the most accurate results faster. You’ll also help us maintain the quality and reliability of our library by actively choosing what’s important to you.

Spot something off?

If you find any issue, you can easily report it from the image detail page by selecting the Report content option.

Report issues - example from image details page

Don’t forget to select the right category, choosing among one of the following:

  • Content not as described: Have you found something that doesn’t match its description and title? This option ensures the accuracy of our listings.
  • AI Image instead of a photo: This distinction matters to you as much as to us. That’s why you’ll soon be able to report all assets that are misrepresented.
  • Low quality: Is it blurry, pixelated, or just not up to par? We appreciate your help in identifying substandard quality.
  • Trademark concerns: Protecting intellectual property and copyright is crucial for us. If you suspect a trademark infringement, flag it.
  • Sensitive content: We’re committed to maintaining a safe space for everyone. So, please report content that might be considered offensive or inappropriate.
  • Error in the downloaded file: Have you found a glitch, like a file that you can’t open or a download that isn’t working? Let us know so we can fix it right away.
  • Other: For everything else that doesn’t quite fit the categories but still needs our attention.

Together, we make the dream team

This little but critical update is more than just a tweak. Your reports, your insights, and your preferences are fundamental for us to shape a brighter, better community where creativity knows no bounds.

Cheers to making magic happen, one report at a time ✨