Neighborhood design: redesigning a tapas bar with a hunger to take on the world

Each bar is a universe of stories. In every chair and at every table, a thousand and one anecdotes have been shared and experienced over drinks and meals. But those stories wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for those behind the bar who give their all to offer you a little corner to enjoy and serve you the very best of the best. They also have their own stories, and Bar Marisquería La Carpa has something special to tell.

No, it’s not that the brothers Hayat and Abdel, the owners of this bar, have released a new menu. A bar can also be successful thanks to a good design. Sara Boukrouna has been the creative mind behind the new look. With a little push from Freepik’s AI-powered tools, she has managed to transform the bar’s image quickly and effectively. Let them be the narrators of this story that we’ve experienced in Neighborhood design.

Facing new challenges

An adventure always begins with a first step, and Sara Boukrouna took her first step into uncharted territory when she fully immersed herself in Neighborhood design. Until that moment, she hadn’t undertaken the complete redesign of a business where, in addition to the visual aspects like the logo or signage, the facade was also included. But far from backing down, she dove headfirst into the Freepik project with a clear goal:

«I wanted to gain experience and knowledge by facing new situations and problems to solve».

And it wasn’t just about the challenge itself: the social cause also motivated her to join this initiative. What Sara has enjoyed most about the project is immersing herself in the business’s story and telling it through design.

Renewing hopes

«A new, more striking, and modern design will help attract everyone from the neighborhood». Hayat and Abdel decided to start their own business and built this bar with a lot of effort and love. And since they opened their kitchen, they saw their bar as more than just a way to make a living. They wanted to give the community of La Trinidad neighborhood in Málaga a place where everyone would want to come together and have a good time with their loved ones. So when they received the call from Freepik, they didn’t hesitate. 

Thanks to Neighborhood Design, Bar La carpa has taken its local appeal to new heights, leveraging its impact with the power of great designs, made faster by AI tools. This is the before and after.

When Sara walked through the doors of La Carpa and met the brothers, she knew how to approach the transformation. For her, this wasn’t just about giving the walls a fresh coat of paint; she wanted to give it a real boost and make the bar shine on its own:

«I wanted to tell part of their story and pay them a small tribute so that they feel proud of how far they’ve come».

The recipe for success

A spark of creativity and a bit of technological assistance were all Sara needed to give this bar the perfect makeover. It was the first time she had used AI tools, and now she has discovered how easy it is to express the full power of her ideas with them, not only to work faster but also more efficiently: 

«I had never used AI tools before, and now I’ve been able to experience all the conveniences they provide, as well as inspiration».

Inspired by the sea, Sara thought of giving the place a marine touch that would match the menu at La Carpa. Using Freepik’s AI image generator to fish for ideas for illustrations, and with the help of Reimagine, she molded the style that would define her illustrations until she found the best one

Thanks to Neighborhood Design, Bar La Carpa has taken its local appeal to new heights, leveraging its impact with the power of great designs, made faster by AI tools. These are some of its new materials.

That’s how Neighborhood design has done more than just give this bar a new face. Sara has left her mark on La Carpa. Hayat and Abdel raise the blinds of their restaurant with renewed energy, where thousands more stories are yet to be told. 

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