Freepik and Magnific–best alone, even better together

Our generative AI suite of tools keeps expanding daily, fueling the AI ambitions of this creative community that crafts cool stuff with technology. And to continue with what we’re doing at Freepik—to help anyone create great designs, faster—we truly believe that unity is strength, so we’ve welcomed Magnific home

The acquisition of the most advanced AI-powered upscaling tool is not just a merging of technologies, but a solution that simplifies creation for everyone. Best alone, better together—the combination of Magnific’s best-of-breed technology with Freepik’s largest design platform of audiovisual resources and generative AI tools promises an exciting future.

Magnific: The AI art upscaling pro

If you’re into AI, you’ve likely heard of this name. Magnific is the leading AI image upscaler, enhancer, and transformer tool in the market. Launched just five months ago in Murcia, Spain, Magnific arrived on the AI scene by opening up an entirely new category called “reimagined upscaling” tools. Their purpose? Enhancing image quality and resolution while allowing users to creatively add new details. Incredibly handy across various industries, Magnific AI boosts workflows by improving images for uses as diverse as billboards, video games, and even film production, outpacing competitors with its real-time capabilities.

Now you can enhance your image quality and add your details in no time with Magnific, the best AI-powered upscaler, now teamed up with Freepik.

To Freepik’s +65M active users, Magnific brings a community of over 700K professionals—our biggest addition to date. It’s the cherry on top; with over +4M images generated per day in our AI image generators and editors, Magnific is set to be the perfect companion to raise the quality and final resolution of the creative process to a much higher level. 

Seamless integration that increases efficiency 

Javi López and Emilio Nicolás, the founders of Magnific AI, will team up with Freepik to work alongside our AI innovation team. Although it may seem like a new relationship, the truth is that we’re already old friends: Javi López has been part of Freepik’s AI partners program for a while, providing valuable feedback on our suite of generative AI tools during their beta stages. So, who better to join our squad?

The goal is clear: make it easy, make it simple, and make everyone’s workflow faster. In this way, the union of Freepik and Magnific will mark a turning point in the creative industry. With this integration, tasks that once took days in Adobe’s Photoshop can now be done in seconds, and users can transform any image while controlling the amount of style transferred and maintaining structural integrity. You asked for it, you got it!

Beyond upscaling: welcoming new possibilities

As Magnific becomes a part of the Freepik ecosystem, we stand on the brink of a new horizon in design. At Freepik, we aim to offer a full suite of generative AI tools that not only simplify the design process but also improve the quality of the final output. 

Discover how your images will get the best final resolution with Magnific, the best AI-powered upscaler, now teamed up with Freepik.

The collaboration between Freepik and Magnific underscores a shared vision to harness the power of technology to break down barriers in design and creativity, making it more accessible, efficient, and extraordinary. Looking forward, this partnership promises to usher in a new era of design, where creativity and technology come together to unlock endless possibilities.

This is more than just a technological leap; it’s a commitment to fostering creativity, pushing the limits of what’s possible, and giving you, our talented designers, the tools you need to excel in your craft. 

Start creating with AI

To celebrate this big news, we are giving away free access to try out our suite of generative AI tools. If you haven’t checked them out yet, be one of the first 1,000 to sign up using this link and let your talent shine effortlessly. And we’re just getting started—keep your eyes peeled for more surprises concerning Magnific coming your way.

Ready to make it happen? Create and edit images with a simple prompt, sketch, or image, and conquer your ideas in no time.

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