Weather was never portrayed like this, and we like it

By Freepik Company 3 years ago

Nicholas Rougeux’s Weather Portraits infographics have given the data collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) a different twist. The artist has created paintings based on data such as wind direction, speed, temperature range and warmth. Using NodeBox, he was able to produce 50 images that show a whole year’s weather report.

03b (2)

The whole picture looks like a paintball uniform after a game round, and it’s a highly creative way of presenting data that would otherwise look dull. It’s really pleasant to be able to work with numbers and figures presented in beautiful manners, and it’s to thank for.

The actual infographics, ready with instructions for reading and interpreting it is available here, in a poster version that represents a year’s (there’s a 2014 and a 2015 version, to be more accurate) worth of weather in 50 different US cities.03a (2)

The diagrams of daily wind and temperatures in the most populated cities in each state (as it is described in the poster) look great both over navy blue (the 2014 poster) and cream (which would be 2015). What color could he be using for a background in 2016? Whatever happens, we hope that the wind keeps blowing in his way.