We Attended SEMrush Day 2020: The First SEO Event in Spanish

Last September 24th, SEMrush celebrated for the first time an event that unites the whole Spanish-speaking world: SEMrush Day 2020 in Spanish. It was an honor that Freepik Company could also participate together with Alejandro Góngora, SEO Manager of the company. 

SEMrush already has experience in large scale events within e-commerce and digital marketing, but this was the first time it was done in Spanish. The event brought together professionals from all over the Spanish-speaking world.

And you may ask: why the importance of this event? SEMrush is an SEO tool that analyzes keywords (among many other features). Thousands of companies worldwide use SEMrush to optimize their product. It’s also a reference tool when it comes to the latest marketing trends. 

The event focused on SEO and its different applications, as well as on innovative techniques such as Growth Hacking.

SEMrush Day, 2020: more than SEO

Despite international restrictions, more than 15 professionals from the marketing and e-commerce sectors were able to participate in this event virtually. 

Although SEO was the main topic, it was also a unique opportunity to learn from the participants and their extensive professional background. 

The event was divided into four sections. Professionals from all over the Spanish-speaking world met online to share their experience and expertise about different topics related to SEO and digital marketing. 

The speakers discussed SEO applications through different channels, content marketing, Inbound Marketing, and advanced SEO techniques in a round table format. 

The truth is that SEO strategies are constantly changing, so this event couldn’t miss talking about one of the newest marketing techniques: Growth Hacking.

Growth Hacking, among the stars of SEMrush Day 2020

In recent years, one of the most innovative marketing techniques is Growth Hacking, which seeks to boost a company’s profits with minimal costs. And that is what Gabriella Escamilla (Field Marketing Strategist), Sergio Simarro (SEO Consultant), and Alejandro Góngora (SEO Manager) at Freepik Company talked about. 

SEMrush day 2020

According to the speakers, Growth Hacking is not an entirely new technique. Marketing professionals already applied Growth Hacking before this name was coined. 

However, it has gradually become a technique that more and more companies are integrating into their business model. At Freepik Company, we count on Alejandro Góngora, a self-made SEO expert with an excellent track record in the marketing sector, and now in Growth Hacking.

“Growth Hacking is not exclusive to a single business model. The key is to find the strategy that will make your users incredibly happy, even if your business is offline”. Alejandro Góngora, SEO Manager at Freepik.

Although every business is unique, the most common growth hackers’ strategies include analysis, metrics, and risk control, which, according to our SEO Manager, is an essential aspect to succeed. 

SEMrush DAy 2020 addressed many interesting topics from which we had the chance to learn. You can rewatch the event here (in Spanish). SEMrush has also organized Global Marketing Day 2021, which has been rescheduled for next year, so stay tuned!