Upload Packs in Different Styles and Enhance Your Flaticon Profile

By Flaticon 3 weeks ago

On Flaticon, you can find millions of icons in different styles with a lot of variations. Plus, your profile will look more appealing if it has different styles. But, did you know that uploading packs with different styles can make you get more downloads?

When working on a pack of a specific theme, we recommend you create the pack in different styles (preferably those you normally work with). Here’s an example of a pack with different styles:

You can design common styles, like outline or fill, or opt for original and colorful styles, like outline color and other variations.

But why will it benefit your contributor profile? Below we share with you the advantages of uploading packs in different styles. Keep reading to learn how to enhance your profile!

1. Build a strong profile

By creating packs with different styles, you’ll build a strong profile with many resources to choose from. Remember that users look for variety and quality! It may take you more time and some extra effort, but hard work always pays off. So, next time you create icon packs, design them in different styles and upload them to Flaticon. This way, you’ll be offering users a quality and diverse profile where they can find a lot of stuff.

However, we recommend you are consistent with the styles and try to always work in the same line. To learn more about the importance of focusing on a specific style, have a look at our previous post on icon design

human resources icon pack

2. Create styles that stand out

Including more than one style in your packs means that you’ll offer content different from the rest. Some basic styles work quite well, such as outline or fill. But, in order to stand out, we suggest that you opt for eye-catching styles. For example, colorful styles tend to catch the user’s attention and, thus, are likely to drive traffic to your profile. 

icon pack kitty different styles

3. Become a reference for users

How can you make the user access your profile every time they need new icons? Apart from quality, variety is a must. 

Users appreciate being able to download packs of different themes in the same styles. So, if you work with the same styles every time, you can offer them an extensive and consistent library of icons. Not only will they intentionally look for what they need in your profile, but also, you’ll build a reputation.

Plus, the feature “Follow” has been recently added to our platform. It allows users to follow those profiles they like the most. So, try to become a reference for them by uploading variety and quality.

pack of earth icons different styles


Altogether, we could say that submitting packs in different styles will benefit your contributor profile at Flaticon. However, there’re two important things regarding the submission process that you need to take into account:

  • When submitting the pack, make sure you upload and send all the styles related to that specific theme at the same time. Otherwise, they will not appear within the same pack on the website, and users will not reach them.
  • All styles within a pack must contain the same icons.

Our Flaticon community is formed by talented and motivated contributors. But improving every day is necessary to become a better designer. That’s why we hope you found this post useful and take it into account for your next submissions! Want to join our community? Click below:

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