Take The Perfect Christmas Shot with Freepik’s Tips and Tutorials

By Freepik 7 months ago

Even though Christmas is not yet knocking on our doors, all contributors know that the Christmas campaign has already started. What to get a bigger bonus uploading you Christmasy photos? Then read on and discover the best tips from Freepik’s photography team. 

Every “special” event photo shooting requires a lot of preparation. Make sure you have the clear concept of what you want to transmit with your photos and stay with it during each part of shooting.

If you’re going with classical Christmas scenes with ornaments, gifts, etc you need to take care of the details. Make sure ornaments do not reflect light, gifts are neatly wrapped and look perfect and festive (wrapping gifts is a true art so better to practice before or ask a friend to do it).


If you are featuring Santa Claus in your photos, make a real casting to choose the One. Once you have your Santa take care of the details and especially, of the costume: there should not be any stains or holes, each detail should be corresponding with the Santa look we all know and love. Unless, of course, your aim is to picture the Man with the beard in a different, unconventional way. In a way, it’s easier to reproduce the image of Santa “with a twist” then achieve the truly artificial look.   


To picture a nice family dinner, represent as many generations as you can: grandparents, parents, kids of different age etc. Find the concept of this dinner, eating and cheering together should be the only part of it, try to represent all in the universal form.

Grandparents playing with grandchildren in their living room decorated for Christmas

To go in a different directing and create unconventional Christmas scenes, think outside the box. Make Santa look a bit more evil or take a picture of him under the burning sun and surrounded by palm trees.

Also, you can talk about the themes that are a part of Christmas yet have nothing to do with cheer and joy: loneliness, problems with family, a single parent with a kid. Be original and look for less conventional topics that will be sought by fewer people, but you will also be competing with fewer resources.

As for the colour palette, use typical colours for this time of the year: green, red, white. To give your photos some extra touch use silver or golden colours. Also, bokeh can look very nice on Christmas pictures.

Christmas tree with decorations on a bokeh lights background

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