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By Freepik 3 years ago

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Many Freepik Contributors and graphic designers who want to share their content on Freepik, in order to obtain revenue for their designs, ask themselves the same question: what does it mean to be a Contributor at Freepik?

The biggest advantage is that all your content will be marked as Premium, meaning the agreement is still non-exclusive but by adding your content in your Premium section we offer you more protection and security to your content.

And yes! We do believe you are that good of a designer! 

How does the Premium category work on Freepik?

All Contributors are paid for every download their content receives, known as the pay per download model. This means you make a profit depending on the number of downloads your files will get. This way, the more designs you upload the more downloads you will receive and of course, the most popular vectors earn the biggest profits!

Therefore, if your designs are very popular, a lot of our users will be downloading them; guaranteeing a good monthly income.

Our Premium model is a lot more “exclusive” as only users with a Freepik contributor Subscription will be able to download your content. But if fewer people will download the content how much will you earn?

Since under this model your designs are more protected, we have a different way to calculate the profit. This calculation is based on the number of downloads and monthly subscribers which means that the profits could go up to even 30 times the amount you will earn on our free category. This is quite amazing, isn’t it?

The advantage of being part of our Premium category is that the bigger the Premium vectors, PSD files and photography collection grows, the more users will subscribe to enjoy the amazing content updated every month. As a result, your revenues will increase as well.

Becoming a top Contributor is possible with creative ideas, hard work and having fun while you work in what you love. At the same time, the more popular your resources grow, the more exposure you will gain while earning profits.

If you want to share your content on Freepik and start earning revenue with your graphics resources, become a Contributor today!


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By Freepik