Practical Tips for Winter Still Life Photos

By Freepik 4 weeks ago

Winter is coming. Literally. (At least for some of us). Temperatures begin to drop, and we start wearing warm clothes and drinking hot chocolate. Well, perhaps that’s just a cliché. But what is sure is that it’s time for you to warm up and start uploading winter resources!

At Freepik, we share with you some useful tips to capture winter indoors without freezing outside. How? By creating winter still lifes!

Still life photos are quite popular among users; in fact, we talked about them in a previous post. This time, though, we’ll be learning how to give them a wintery effect. But, do you really know how to capture winter feelings and sensations through your photos? If the answer is no, stay and learn how to create still life photos that smell like winter.

Remember that the sooner you upload your winter resources, the bigger the chances are you get more downloads! 😉

To make things easier, we’ll be talking about three main aspects that you need to take into account when shooting winter still life photos: the color palette, the props, and the lighting.

1. Color Palette

Colors are essential to communicate concepts and feelings through your photos. For this reason, choosing an appropriate color palette for your winter resources is key. The colors that play a leading role in winter scenes, and therefore, in winter resources are blue, white, and gray tones. 

winter color range

The following is a wintery image that contains the color range shown above:

snowed mountain

As you can see, it’s mostly about cool tones. However, in winter not everything is cool. Many of the scenes we recall when talking about winter are indoors, with fireplaces, blankets, and hot drinks. These sorts of images are related to warm colors such as yellow, red, or even brown. These tones give the feel of coziness and warmth.

color range winter

Bright and saturation are important in this case. We recommend that you opt for desaturated colors. This is an example of a color palette also suitable for winter interiors:

couple smiling winter scene


2. Props

The elements and material you use in your photos will help you get that winter feeling. Before selecting them, you must be clear about what you want to communicate. Then, you can start figuring out which elements are the best for your photo. 

winter elements scene creator

Although we’re all familiar with winter-related elements, here are listed some of them that you can use as inspiration:

  • Clothing items, drinks or foods: gloves, jumper, hat, blanket, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, winter desserts, candles, lights, etc
  • Traditionally winter elements: snowflakes, snowman, animals’ cutouts, sleds, ice skates, cabins, etc.
  • Nature elements: snow, pine trees, dry leaves, branches, wood, pine cones, mistletoe, moss, mountains, etc.
3. Lighting

Light in winter is normally softer, so you may consider using diverse artificial light sources to get the desired effect. When shooting winter still lifes, we recommend you work with the following lighting:

  • A diffused, high-key, and low-contrast light. This works fine with scenes or elements related to the snow, the cold, ice, etc. Let’s have a look at some examples with this lighting: 

plant and snow photo

winter decorations

winter still life photo desk

  • A diffused, low-key, high-contrast, and sometimes directional light. It’s a good option for representing indoors scenes, coziness, and warmth. These are some examples of this lighting:

winter still life photo chocolate cake

winter still life hot chocolate

winter still life mulled wine

These are just some tips to reflect winter through your still life photos. But there are other ways! We can’t wait to see what you can do and hope you found these useful and practical. 

Remember that users are already downloading winter photos, so if you want to get downloads, start uploading now! Also, bear in mind that if your content is high-quality, it may be marked as Freepik’s choice or included in a collection. Let’s freeze winter through your camera and get outstanding photos!

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