Freepik Company’s Third Team Building: Mission Overlap

Freepik Company is growing fast. Today we have more than 170 people working in Freepik HQ, so cross-departmental activities are necessary to build a strong team. And that’s why we organize events and team building activities all year round. This helps us to get to know other colleagues who don’t work directly with us while having fun at the same time!
After the success of our first teambuilding saving Vectoria system and the second one, Parallels. A few weeks ago we had our third team building event: Overlap. Our vision of the world depends on who we are and how we look at it. Sometimes we presume things work the way we want. But we mustn’t judge a book by its cover. And that’s the message we took from the Overlap mission.

We are already thinking of the next one… What mission awaits us? What do the Emperors of Vectoria have for us? Until then, here is a video with the best moments of the teambuilding. We hope you like it!