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Who doesn’t love a good motivational quote? Great wisdom, a quote from a favourite book or even a witty comment from your friend can cheer you up and make a great decoration piece.

At Freepik we have over 11 thousand results if you look for “quotes” and we have to say, they never go out of style.

So in this Tips&Tutorials we’ve decided to ask our designers how to create motivational quotes, where to look for inspiration and how to make it stand out.

If you want to create a motivational quote but don’t know where to start- start from the beginning, alas, from choosing one. Think about a quote or “mantra” that your audience might like. Just be sure to know your audience and take into account some aspects such as geography, social economy, demography, etc.)

For example, if your target includes a young population, whose profession is mostly related to the graphic arts, creativity, etc. The most likely thing is that a motivational phrase on this topic works very well.

You can also choose themes related to current affairs, lifestyle, personalities.

Motivation at work, self-esteem and the desire to excel are topics that tend to have a lot of traffic on social networks, since most of the public empathize a lot with them, “likes” them, shares them, etc.

Quotes from books or iconic movies work as well. The only advice is when you take someone’s quotes, don’t forget to mention the source whatever this is a famous person or a character of fiction.

Look for ideas:

Risking to be abrupt we say the easiest way: Google it, the Internet is definitely your friend here.

Knowing your type of audience, you will know where to look.

Personally, the social network par excellence for motivational phrases is Pinterest. Also, right there you can look for ideas on colour palettes, styles and techniques that will inspire you to create your final design.

In addition, there are several websites that collect thousands of motivational phrases of famous people: writers, film directors, painters, philosophers and all kinds of celebrities in general (on many different topics):

Choose the font:

The font you use depends a lot on the type of quote you chose: self-esteem, sports, health, love, knowledge, etc.

The activity or action suggested by the phrase will also give you many clues about what font to use:

– Motivational phrases about self-esteem or “self-motivators” work very well with handmade or hand-drawn typefaces since it is a font style that gets a little closer to the reader and invites him to be part of the design and make it his own. In general, typographies with a style too serious in these types of phrases are not usually used because it would be cold and distant. Soft colours, cakes, photographs of comforting landscapes, etc. are also commonly used.

– The phrases about sports motivation, always tend to have very bold, compact, grunge typefaces … easy to read but more serious than the previous type of phrase. Also, many textures and saturated colours are often used. The use of black, yellow and orange is very common.

– The phrases related to love also use, sometimes, handmade type or brush calligraphy type (depending on the type of love we are talking about).

If it is a more romantic and “typical” love, script, calligraphic, and serif fonts are also used.


Colour is a very important element that accompanies the design of quotes and that should complement the specific use of a font and the meaning of the phrase.

In many of these designs, the design of the typography is done by the designer himself (that is, it is not a chosen and used font, it is a drawn font). This is called lettering (the art of drawing letters).

The most important thing when creating a connection between text and illustration and creating a motivational phrase is to take into account the weight of the design and that, seeing it in its entirety, it is compensated. In the examples that we’ve mentioned above, you can clearly see what we mean by that.

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