Make & Remake: The Remake Culture

It’s undeniable that several artistic works have marked the world and even entir…

By Nico 2 weeks ago

Black and White: Art of Extremes

Black and white. When certain artists use these opposite poles, unique art gets…

By Nico 3 weeks ago

Webby Awards 2021: The Best of the Web

According to, there are approximately 10,500 new websites every hour.

By Nico 4 weeks ago

Did you miss our webinar? We bring it all back to you… with a final gift!

2020 was a difficult year for all of us, international events around the world h…

By Freepik 3 weeks ago

Emojis: Art From Smileys

A wide variety of objects has been used to do art. Even emojis and icons. In thi…

By Nico 1 month ago