Everyone should have an online presence. Presenting the best possible version of yourself online is important for every professional no matter what industry you’re in.

Who knows, you might learn a couple of new things about typography that you didn't know about the anatomy of the letters with this typography alphabet!

Their icons are professionally created and come in many different styles, so that you can easily find a free icon kit that matches the style that you are looking for.

Here you can take a look at some of the most popular and most downloaded icon packs from Flaticon with a refreshing summery theme!

What if you were in charge of designing real life currency for some of the biggest brands of the world, like Apple or Microsoft? What would you do?

Tutpad is growing every day, with new tutorials with which you can acquire lots of new skills to perfect your creative portfolio, and now it has a logo!

Auction House has created an infographic that shows a collection of the most inspirational outfits worn by cinema characters.

Guillermo Llano decided to follow the 36 days of type challenge, just like other designers, but he decided to create 3D models of his candy lettering instead of just drawing them on a piece of paper.   Imagination knows no limits, and going beyond the initial design, these beautifully designed 3D letters look just like […]

Google has redesigned over 2000 emojis and that includes also animals, which have been substituted with homogeneous designs. Good-bye blobs?

The world of blogging has exploded over the past decade or so. From one-page rants, to fully designed page layouts that involve text, images and more, the face of a blog post has changed considerably.

Take the tip from Gianluca's work: even the tiniest piece of candy wrapping could inspire your next big idea! :)