Take the tip from Gianluca's work: even the tiniest piece of candy wrapping could inspire your next big idea! :)

There are words that don’t have translation because evoke feelings, memories or situations that only can be understood through their emotions. For example, the Japanese word Tsundoko makes reference to that person that has the obsession of buying books and never read them. Or the African word Hanyauku is used for indicating that someone is walking on tiptoe in the hot sand. These are only two cases, but there are many expressions that are impossible to translate to other languages.

Maria · 1 month ago

Not only that, but other cases of problems caused by bad typography (from medicine bottles to presidential elections in the US) are also shown in this video!

You looked at your site. It’s beautiful, but something just isn’t right. The text overlays over the image would be more readable if you can just add a slight of blurred shadows under the letters. Then you realized something. You are dealing with a live website, not an image editor.

If you aren't very experienced with chopsticks, you can use these to have your own mindfulness experiment instead! :)

Business cards can become a great ally to make our work known. If we talk about personal business cards, the most important thing is that they connect with our personality because, after all, the cards are "that first impression" that people will take away from us. And you know what they say about first impressions ...

Maria · 2 months ago

Apart from being a technological revolution, its beautiful shapes and modern design are also worth noting.

As a designer looks for creative freedom, the marketer is focused on brand strategy and messaging. Well both, work towards an organization goal. Keeping them on the same track to achieve a goal can however be challenging. Let’s try and understand the differences and how to ensure they work in harmony.

The latest videogames, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, have graphics that look so good that it makes hard to believe we came such a long way in so little time!

Here you can see a series of futuristic-looking cars, designed after the brand's products: there's a car based on the iPhone 7 and the MacBook Air, but also retro models!