How to make a simple Freepik Birthday Card


Has a special someone in your life got an important birthday coming up? Whether it be a partner, sibling, grandparent or old friend we are sure you want to help make their day special. Luckily for you, Freepik has a fantastic range of birthday designs that will help make this possible. You can make some fantastic cards and we are going to show you how by both hand and Adobe Photoshop.



How to make a handmade Freepik Card

Tools you will need:

Freepik resources

Paper and Card





Colouring utensils



1. Firstly select your chosen design from the Freepik website. There is a wide variety of vectors, photos, and PSDs to choose from.

2. Select your paper, you can choose from different colours or a traditional white. If you are choosing to print on card make sure it’s printable

3. Once you’ve printed your design you can, if making a traditional two-fold card, fold it over. Additionally, you can cut out your design and stick it onto matching coloured card for a little edge. For a postcard style, you can choose the size and then print off a large design.

4. Once the design is set it’s time for the message you can write inside the card or on the back. For a nice touch why not write in coloured pens.

5. After you’ve finished place the card in an envelope, you can put some glitter or confetti for a little surprise on the opening.




How to make a handmade card using Adobe Photoshop

Tools you will need:

Freepik resources

Adobe Photoshop



1.Firstly download your chosen design off Freepik. Once you have done this create a new file in photoshop. Here you can choose the size of your birthday card. For a normal birthday card set the preset to International paper. The resolution should be set to  300 pixels as you will be printing this design.

2. To create the outside of the card divide the card into two parts using the rulers. You can find these underneath the view menu. On the bottom half of the card you can drag the Freepik image and place it at the bottom of the card. To adjust the image make sure you always press the shift button so it doesn’t get distorted.

3. Now to create the inside of the card you will have to run it through the printer twice. Create a new document in adobe photoshop with identical settings as before.

4. At the bottom half of the paper, where the image was placed in your last document, create your happy birthday message. You can do this by clicking the text icon. You can adjust both style and colour of the font as you wish.

5. Now you are ready to print your card. First, print the document with the image on it.

6. After this printed turn your piece of paper/card around. Make sure the image on the back is at the top.Then print off the text.

7. If you get it wrong the first time don’t be afraid to try again.

8.  For the last step follow step 5 from how to make a handmade card.




We hope you have enjoyed our tutorial and don’t forget to eat lots of cake and have lots of fun as well!