Find icons faster and easier with Freepik

It’s only been a few weeks since we launched our AI Images section, and we’ve been blown away by all the amazing creations and shares it’s received already. Today, it’s my turn to surf this wave of updates announcing Freepik’s latest landing page dedicated to icons. This new space is just what you need to boost your workflow and get all the icons you want in one place. With improved filtering options, lightning-fast search functionality, and access to over 11 million high-quality icons, finding the perfect icon is just a piece of cake. Ready to check out what this new icon section will do for you?

A one-stop hub for all your icon needs

Icons are the backbone of any design project, and it can be time-consuming to create them from scratch. That’s where Freepik comes in to save your day. Our newly redesigned Icons section is the one-stop hub where you can easily find thousands of new icons daily.

And what’s better than a vast collection of icons? Yep, that’s right, a collection organized by style, categories, and designer choices. A library where you can easily find the perfect icon to match your website, your brand, or any of your projects; a unique selection designed to communicate your ideas better and faster while maintaining style and consistency in every aspect of your designs.

Watch this short demo for 👇 a preview of our new Icons section.

First-class icons only

Freepik’s library offers an extensive range of high-quality and free icons, making it the most comprehensive collection worldwide. The variety of our collection gives you tons of options and solutions every day and for any design. All icons are designed by professional graphic designers who, like you, work with them and value the importance of accuracy and consistency in digital projects.

We believe that icons have the power to break down language barriers and speak to users universally. That’s why our new Icons section includes perfect solutions for creating designs that everyone can understand. Its new interface allows you to navigate diverse subjects easily, making it an ideal feature for creating intuitive designs that appeal to a broader audience.

As Joaquin Cuenca Abela, CEO of Freepik, said:

“At Freepik, we understand the importance of visual content in today’s digital landscape. With the launch of our new stock icons collection, we aim to provide our users with a valuable asset that will enhance the user experience and make their product stand out from the competition.”

Score your iconic treasures in a matter of seconds

They say time is precious, and it’s true. That’s why we’ve transformed this search functionality into a lightning bolt of efficiency. Start your search by entering your keywords, and lightning-fast results will appear before your eyes. Choose the color option you love the most and select the style you need.

Icons section

Once you’ve found your number one icon, use the new preview option to inspect every nook and cranny. Change your icon style as often as you want to keep the right consistency and download it in a flash, or better yet, copy it directly to any design software like Figma. ✨

Free SVG icons to enhance your user interface

Freepik’s extensive library offers +18K icon font solutions that can be used in any digital project, particularly user interface projects such as mobile apps for iOS and Android or web pages. You can use the free SVG license to access high-performance and completely responsive icons that look great on all platforms. These icons are an excellent feature for UI projects, as they enhance your user experience by adding consistency across designs.

Icons in style

Consistency and style are the main attributes when thinking of high-quality icons. Styles help you to communicate better and keep your designs coherent. In our new Icons section, we created and offered a choice of six main categories of icons, sorted by the following styles:

  • Black filled: Perfect for a classical, formal design of desktop or web applications, mobile application screens, and mockups, you name it.
  • Black outline: Thicker black lines for a simple yet powerful style, often used in straightforward and uncomplicated design projects.
  • Flat: Bidimensional, geometric elements and bright colors for a minimalistic vibe on clean and elegant graphic user interfaces.
  • Gradient: A gradual color blending for applications, websites, infographics, and mockups with a modern and technological feel.
  • Hand drawn: Relaxed shapes and irregular strokes bring personality to any design. Ideal for casual projects that want to stand out.
  • Lineal color: A style that dives into detail, fully colored with black outer borders and decorations. Great for supporting your content on any design media.

Designer choices – Top icon categories

Perhaps you’re as busy as we are and can’t really afford to spend much time surfing the internet for some cool icons all the time. Our top icon categories are your answer, as they will speed up your search and make you smile even when you need to work on boring stuff. Creating that last-minute presentation or finding that really smart detail won’t be a problem anymore with our icons. And if you’re struggling to find some nature-themed icons for environmental initiatives, or people-centric icons for social platforms, we have plenty of those too. 😎

Coming soon

Some extra news here: soon we plan to add a section with recommendations for icons with the same style and concept. On top of it, we will launch new filters to adjust the stroke width and corner of the icons. So stay tuned and enjoy the upcoming updates. If you’re already feeling hungry for more information and inspiration with our fantastic icons, check out this article.