Undead Ideas winners: The client killed it, Freepik resurrected it

You give everything for an idea.

You spend hours, days, nights, and even weekends.

You pour your soul into it.

But then one word from the client kills your dream:


We know how it feels, and we believe that great ideas should not rest in the graveyard. They deserve a second chance. That’s why we launched #UndeadIdeas, where we took your client-rejected designs and brought them back to life.

Undead Ideas

What is #UndeadIdeas?

International Design Day, previously known as World Design Day, is celebrated every April 27th to commemorate the founding of the International Council of Design. This year, the theme is Peace. Love. Design!

Freepik #UndeadIdeas 2023 was our contribution to the celebration. We took the opportunity to resurrect your ideas and give them a second chance at life.   

Which designs won #UndeadIdeas?

#UndeadIdeas was amazing and we saw so many great submissions. Thank you! But only two of them could win the Jury’s Choice Award and People’s Choice prize.

Presenting…the winners of #UndeadIdeas

Undead ideas winner freepik

Age of Strife illustration

In the Jury’s Choice category, the winner is Rob Wapaño with their colorful and vibrant illustration titled, “Age of Strife.” Originally designed for a cloud services company, the illustration depicts an abstract rendition of a time of hardship and peril.

Rob Wapaño has won an exclusive Featured Artist Collection commission with Freepik and an interview on our blog to showcase his work. We’re so excited to get started!

Undead ideas winner freepik

Food Posters Collection

Idaira Bearlala’s Food Posters collection won the People’s Choice award by receiving the highest number of votes in the #UndeadIdeas gallery.  This exciting Food Posters collection includes burgers, fries, hotdogs, tacos, nachos and pizza. So much fun!

Bearlala has won a design course chosen specially for her unique talents and interests. We’ll also be interviewing her for the blog. Stay tuned!

The #UndeadIdeas gallery

Visit the #UndeadIdeas gallery to see all the wonderful submissions from creatives all over the world. Discover all the client killed illustrations, photos, posters and branding work we resurrected.

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