Turn AI into your creative superpower

Artificial intelligence has come a long way, shaking things up in the design industry. Thanks to the magic of AI technology, you can use your talent and skills to create jaw-dropping images in just a few clicks.

At Freepik, we’re leading the way with our latest AI filter, which has quickly gained popularity. But that’s not all – today, we’re here to introduce an entirely new space dedicated to AI-generated images. So let’s jump right in and discover how you can dive into this exciting world of AI-generated art, learn to interact with these masterpieces, and turn AI into your ultimate creative superpower.

Discover new AI content with advanced filters

Freepik now offers advanced filtering options for AI images, allowing you to streamline your search for specific AI content. You can speed up your workflow by filtering content based on AI diffusion models, such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, or DALL-E, which are generative models capable of learning image structures and generating similar ones. Additionally, you can use the prompt option to filter your images with a prompt: a text input that guides the AI in creating an image that matches your desired style, colors, objects, or more details.

Interact with your images

Imagine you’ve stumbled upon that one-in-a-million image that screams, “This is it.” Now comes the fun part – interacting with it. Choose the file size of the image you want and download it right away. But downloading is not your only option here. You can take things further by copying, editing, or even peeking at the original prompt that brought your image to life. When including prompts, you can see the keywords used to create the image and generate similar and unique ones with our AI image generator, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, or any other tool you prefer.

Find out more about how to turn text into images with our AI image generator.

Get closer to the new age of design

Once you’ve discovered your AI pinnacles, it’s time to use your talent and let our AI image generator guide you every step of the way toward creating mind-blowing designs. What cool stuff can you create next, then? Take a look at these examples to find your guiding muse and push the boundaries of your imagination.


Step into a new world of inspiration

Get started with discovering our free AI-generated and hand-picked content. Our pros work tirelessly to curate only the crème de la crème of designs just for you. Take your first step into this new dimension by exploring images, moods, and styles that will whisk you away to new levels of inspiration.

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Behind the curtain: a peek at our future delights

Exciting updates are on the way! We’re currently developing new features and products for you to better your creative projects even more. We are thrilled to announce that our AI image categories will soon be launched, revolutionizing your creative journey by offering a wide range of content and styles tailored to your specific needs. We will also be introducing a new feature that allows you to personalize prompts directly on our AI image editor. And last but not least, we’re excited to announce that the new AI images page will soon be available in multiple languages, giving you the chance to explore everything you fancy in your preferred language.🙂

Embrace the magic of AI-generated images, and become the artist you were always meant to be.

Stay tuned for more, as this is just the beginning.