Freepik’s Calendar of Festivities is here! How does it work?

Festivities and events are the lifeblood of culture, attracting the attention of millions all over the world with kinetic energy, entertainment, and family fun, so much so that they repeat every year. At Freepik we are well aware of the importance of these epic events. That’s why our team of specialists have created a highly engaging interactive calendar to serve the 20,000 creative minds looking for holiday-related assets every second of every day. The final product is now available. And it’s FREE! We hope you enjoy our latest release, designed to educate, inspire and, above all, provide enthusiastic designers like you with assets and information to enrich your holiday-related design projects.

Welcome to Freepik’s calendar of festivities!

In the calendar of festivities each event carries with it a theme infused with rich history and cultural importance.

The backbone of this entire project is the content found within, as each festivity or event carries with it a theme infused with rich history and cultural importance. To fully understand them, the Freepik team has set about providing viewers with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the history and current regional practices that take place each year. Such an in-depth background will help creators understand their projects and even spark an interest, further elevating their designs to new heights. This is the ultimate goal, to inspire!

The first wave of many festivities to come introduces 29 of some of the most sought-after events of the year. In the calendar, you will find religious holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, and Ramadan. On the other hand, you will encounter more commercial-related events, the likes of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Labor Day, that perhaps give off a slightly different tone, sharing curiosities and essential information. Of course, we haven’t forgotten global celebrations. Halloween, World Photography Day, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month have also made it onto the list due to their sheer popularity and cultural significance. Some of them are better known than others, but to us, they are all equally as relevant. Each of the festivities will no doubt change over time, and so will the calendar’s content, providing you with accurate and dependable information accompanied by a constant flow of assets you can rely on.

Where to find Freepik’s festivities calendar

Diary, schedule, and pen ready? To get your Calendar of Festivities experience on the move, you can find it in the footer of the Freepik home page under “Content”. Or, to get there directly, click here! Don’t forget to add it to your favorites list.

What will you find in the Freepik festivities calendar?

The calendar of festivities is an almanac divided into the 12 months that make up the year.

Upon arrival of the calendar landing page, you will be welcomed with an almanac divided into the 12 months that make up the year. Clicking on each month will then present you with the corresponding festivities and events that occur in that time, displayed in a scrollable carousel. Click on an event to see where it takes you. You could end up anywhere!

Once you have clicked on an event of interest, an introduction supported by a powerful image will anchor you into the page, providing you with a glimpse of things to come. As you explore further, you will notice some intriguing features. 3,2,1… It’s time to celebrate: know the exact date of any festivity thanks to its unique live countdown clock. Useful for those designers working to a deadline they may have missed! Statistics have also been added to provide an insight into the internal searches related to the subject, giving project leaders an insight into the value of the content and the behavior of users.

A selection of assets, how will they best serve you?

The calendar of festivities have variety of assets, encouraging designers to create stunning content related to each festivity or event.

Naturally, Freepik’s highly creative tendencies have crept their way into the calendar too! Blended into the project are a variety of assets, encouraging designers to create stunning content related to each festivity or event. Of course, each of the elements shared are lit up with engaging descriptions that only help designers understand them and their relation to the subject. In order to be the best, it helps to know your project through and through. Perhaps you can show off your new found knowledge, creating ever more engaging material your audiences will love. Save time on your projects too! We all understand efficiency is best served quickly, so use these assets to your advantage and skip the queue, we have curated content just waiting for you.

Within the content, you’ll find helpful sections such as:

  • Assets –Under the pressure of a deadline finding the right image or poster template could send you mad. However, a menu of stock images, templates, banners, and posters are just a snippet of what you will find within each festivity or event. Delivering high-quality elements that will help bring a festive story to life, with rich color and unrivaled creativity. In-depth descriptions attached to each element will provide assurance, especially to those who know little or nothing about the festivity you are working on.

Symbols have always had a strong relationship with festivities.

  • Symbols – Symbols have always had a strong relationship with festivities, especially at the scale of some of these particular events. They also provide instant recognition when communicating with your audience. But in some cases, you may never have known of their existence or perhaps never been understood. Therefore, we have provided all the support you could need when incorporating them into your projects, including a thorough description of each so you can download and use them with confidence.
  • Color Palettes –Researching colors before a major design project is one way to get an atmosphere just right in your designs. In this calendar, we have gone the extra mile in providing you with a color palette made up of five colors researched by professionals and accompanied by an in-depth description of the color psychology and the purpose behind each hue. Each color palette you find is downloadable to use in any of your preferred design applications.

This flow of information and free assets will greatly benefit any designer who wants to create something special and unique for a festivity or event.

A healthy insight into the history and Origins

Behind each festivity and event, there is a compelling story waiting to be shared, some stretching back thousands of years while others are more recent. This is where the secrets to their huge success have come from and a source for many of the assets found in the calendar. In a four-step timeline, you will gain an understanding and an interest in the history and origins of each event, giving you a new perspective and a foundation to tell your own version of the story. It is hoped that it will drive your creativity into creating stunning themes and festive-related projects.

How do different countries celebrate?

Some regions have taken on their own ways of celebrating.

Some events have made their way around the world. And over time, it has come as no surprise that some regions have taken on their own ways of celebrating, some of which are so unique you might not believe it! Superstitions, ancient old myths, and the odd and the strange are all thrown in the mix as we circle the globe. Each destination you visit will help to inspire your designs and even provide you with a strategy for your creations.

The design

The calendar of festivities is a fantastic example of design and written content working together.

The main priority here is to create a user-friendly experience, driving engagement and providing an efficient solution to your festive-related projects while also delivering a memorable experience. The project is a fantastic example of design and written content working together, resulting in a scroll-style layout with information formatted in a way that helps the reader flow through each of the sections, taking in chunks of content at a time. All the content is supported with engaging imagery, interactive buttons, and a treasure trove of downloadable content, including stock photos, templates, and vector designs, that keep the user on their toes, making the calendar feel like an experience.

This global calendar is a reflection of Freepik’s worldwide outlook, with an aim to unite all of us into creating stunning, festive-related projects that inspire your audiences. We hope you enjoy this fascinating journey through the year’s most celebrated dates!