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Cyber Monday 2023, the biggest online shopping event

Visiting brick-and-mortar stores is not in vogue. Cyber Monday is here to stay, and that means that online shopping is taking the lead for 2023. This day is marked by lots of discounts, vouchers, bargains, and laptops. Keep reading and learn about when is Cyber Monday, and what is Cyber Monday. Show more

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Cyber Monday content ideas and how to apply them to your designs


Cyber Monday symbols that will boost your profits

Cyber Monday Color Palette

  • HEX rgb(0,45,117)
  • RGB rgb(0,45,117)
  • CMYK rgb(0,45,117)
  • HSL rgb(0,45,117)
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Royal Blue Dark, the color created for Queen Charlotte

Royal blue dark is a shade of the well-known royal blue. This vivid hue is the result of a competition in the United Kingdom. Queen Charlotte needed a dress, so they ran a contest to create garments for her. Some tailors of Somerset won thanks to the creation of Royal blue. Royal blue dark is close to the original shade, as this name referred to a brighter type of blue since the fifties. It is associated with elegance and distinction. It’s a color that will help you create a good impression and, psychologically speaking, it has been linked to reliability and trust, that is why it is a perfect fit for your Cyber Monday colors.

  • HEX rgb(93,71,255)
  • RGB rgb(93,71,255)
  • CMYK rgb(93,71,255)
  • HSL rgb(93,71,255)
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Majorelle blue, the intensity of Orientalism

It is impossible to take your eyes off Majorelle blue, no matter how hard you try. This shade is one of the most typical colors of Morocco, an intense and bright blue that can be seen in buildings, furniture, and even clothing. The name of this color comes from Jacques Majorelle, a French artist. He created a garden in the city of Marrakech in the 1920s. This garden was known as Jardin Majorelle or Majorelle Garden and he added Majorelle blue everywhere: walls, fountains, flower pots, doors... It’s a blue that reminds us of Oriental paintings and Moroccan bazaars. Psychologically speaking, Majorelle blue is pure happiness, but also calmness and relaxation.

  • HEX rgb(30,104,237)
  • RGB rgb(30,104,237)
  • CMYK rgb(30,104,237)
  • HSL rgb(30,104,237)
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Bluetiful, the pretty color of a new crayon

Bluetiful is as pretty as its name indicates. This color and its interesting name appeared in the late 2010s thanks to a contest. After Crayola developed this hue, they held a competition to choose a name for it. The term bluetiful succeeded against other names such as Dreams Come Blue, Star Spangled Blue, or Blue Moon Bliss. Crayola created and launched this new blue crayon under that name in 2017. The company intended to recreate a new blue pigment that was discovered in 2009–it was the first blue pigment discovered in the last two centuries, isn’t it remarkable? It was first found by a team led by Mas Subramanian, a chemist, and they named this color YInMn blue.

  • HEX rgb(34,151,254)
  • RGB rgb(34,151,254)
  • CMYK rgb(34,151,254)
  • HSL rgb(34,151,254)
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Dodger blue, the color of Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodger blue owes its name to Los Angeles Dodgers, as the uniforms of this baseball team and the Dodger stadium show this color. This hue is a variation of azure, which is a mixture of blue and cyan. This results in a rich tint that exudes life. This color is very much linked to health care, as it represents serenity and peace. It is also the hue of inner balance and security, as it’s a non-threatening tint. Add Dodger blue to your designs to project stability, reliability, and balance. It will definitely help you increase your sales. Isn’t it the perfect color for the Cyber Monday color palette?

  • HEX rgb(21,217,255)
  • RGB rgb(21,217,255)
  • CMYK rgb(21,217,255)
  • HSL rgb(21,217,255)
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Vivid sky blue, the purity of a clear sky

If vivid sky blue is defined by a single word, that would be brightness. It is a very saturated color that resembles the clarity of a sunny sky. There is no other hue like this one: it is a very happy color, creating lovely feelings such as calmness, bliss, and quietude.This color will provide your creations with a touch of vitality and peacefulness. In addition, as other blue tints, vivid sky blue is also employed to express reliability and trustworthiness, for example. Go ahead and create original Cyber Monday designs including a lot of touches of vivid sky blue, success is granted!


Cyber Monday history and the facts behind this famous shopping campaign

Cyber Monday entails a huge (and positive) economic impact each year. When did Cyber Monday start? The first time it was celebrated was at the beginning of the 2000s, retailers, sellers, and companies have increased their profits astronomically. Today, it’s one of the major marketing campaigns in the world, together with events like Black Friday, for example. Read on to find out the history of Cyber Monday and some riveting Cyber Monday facts, learning about its importance nowadays and the way in which it became so famous and profitable. Get your laptop ready, write a list with everything you need and look for your favorite shops. Cyber Monday is just around the corner, as it takes place on November 27, 2023.


White Monday, the first Cyber Monday

The creation of one of the most important shopping campaigns

The birth of Cyber Monday followed a natural process. Many Americans went on shopping sprees the Monday after Thanksgiving, so retailers saw an opportunity to increase even more their seasonal sales. The original name of Cyber Monday was White Wednesday and it was devised by Tony Valado in 2003. It was the day before Thanksgiving, and he thought that it was a great opportunity for online shops. In 2005, the term Cyber Monday made its appearance for the first time thanks to Elled Davis: this was the beginning of one of the most important sales campaigns around the globe.


The creation of

The website that helped retailers earning $2 million in one single year

2006 was a very good year for Cyber Monday. The company decided to launch an online mall, Thanks to it, online shopping was at its peak. More than 300,000 visitors made use of the website, spending around $2 million. The site gathered the products from many retailers, no matter if they were members of the National Retail Federation or not, which was the organization that created the website. Although isn’t working nowadays, it had a paramount importance in the establishment of a yearly Cyber Monday campaign, which has helped many sellers around the world.


Cyber Monday: a money shower after Thanksgiving

More than $2 billions spent in 2014

In 2006, sales went over 2$ million. In 2014, the amount was much higher, $2 billion. This exponential increase proves the popularity of Cyber Monday by 2014, and the need for retailers to offer discounts on that day. Since 2014, the money that each American spends increases each year. Cyber Monday became one of the most profitable days of the year in the United States by the mid 2010s. More and more brands offer discounts, promotions, and freebies to encourage people to consume. Do you have a shopping list for the next Cyber Monday?


Cyber Monday and its importance nowadays

Are you ready to find the best bargain?

Cyber Monday has become one of the most important days for companies and retailers. It is such a huge success that Cyber Monday lasts a whole weekend (and even more!) depending on the shop and city. Brands, companies, and shops don’t only offer online discounts, but also at the physical stores. In the United States, Cyber Monday translates into billions of dollars each year. Aren’t those striking numbers? If you are a Cyber-Monday lover, beware! Many companies find that their employees use the Internet to look for bargains on Cyber Monday. Remember to buy at home, even if you do it online.


What countries have sales on Cyber Monday, and the impact it has around the world

Globalization is part of life and it also applies to shopping. Although Cyber Monday was created in the United States to leverage the shopping sprees after Thanksgiving, the campaign soon took place in other countries too. Argentina, Brazil, or Colombia developed their own versions of Cyber Monday. Discover a little bit more about them and the differences depending on the country.

United States

Cyber Monday is one of the greatest marketing inventions in the United States. It was devised as the online version of Black Friday, and it definitely succeeded. As many people were with their families on Black Friday and not able to go to shops, Cyber Monday seemed to be the best solution to increase sales. Marketers weren’t wrong: billions are spent each year, which creates a huge economic impact on both consumers and sellers. Cyber Monday was an American creation, so it’s no wonder that this country reaches extremely high peaks in sales year after year. Originally, it began as a shopping spree on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Year after year, its importance has been increasing. 2014 was a record year, for example. Sales grew dramatically, reaching $2.68 billion.


Cyber Monday reached Argentina some years after its initial appearance in the United States. It all began in 2012: the first Argentinian Cyber Monday generated a lot of interest and many customers wandered around online shops. Still, Cyber Monday didn’t translate into a huge increase in sales right away. The Chamber of Electronic Commerce made a second attempt in 2013. Discounts, offers, gifts, or free shipping, among others, were part of the second Cyber Monday strategy. These actions were so successful that they continued celebrating Cyber Monday in the following years. In fact, 2014 was the year of a huge milestone: there was a tenfold increase in sales when compared to the previous year. Today, Argentinians celebrate Cyber Monday like any other country: discounts and price reductions are everywhere, and people are glad to find the very best deals.


After analyzing the great impact of Cyber Monday in the economy of the United States, Brazilian retailers decided to copy the example. The first Brazilian Cyber Monday took place in 2009, although 2012 was the year when this day became truly famous in Brazil. Since 2012, more and more online stores compete for getting more buyers and offering the best discounts. The way in which they celebrate Cyber Monday is not so different from countries like the United States or the United Kingdom. It takes place on the first Monday after Black Friday, and many brands, retailers, and stores offer huge discounts–sometimes up to 80%. Brazilians also use price comparators to make sure that the items they want to buy are actual bargains.


Cyberlunes is now one of the most anticipated campaigns every year. Did you know that “Cyberlunes” is a trademark in Colombia? People have been celebrating Cyberlunes in this country since the mid 2010s, and it’s a huge event nowadays. Instead of choosing the usual date in November, they have chosen to celebrate it just before the Holy Week, which is more in line with the Catholic background of the country. Cyberlunes is organized by the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce in an effort to make e-commerce flourish. They have also created a website where you can check all the discounts, dates, events, stores, and much more. You can even subscribe to their newsletter to find “megaofertas”. If you are willing to leverage the discounts offered on Cyberlunes, access this website and find everything you need.