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Breast Cancer Awareness Month goes Global

Every year Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated, pinking up the entire month of October. The occasion has brought about massive attention and support, funding substantial gains in cancer research. More women than ever before are now going for breast cancer screenings, saving countless lives. Let’s find out just how this event has become su... Show more

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Resources used for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Symbols that have given shape to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Color Palette

  • HEX rgb(170, 130, 244)
  • RGB rgb(170, 130, 244)
  • CMYK rgb(170, 130, 244)
  • HSL rgb(170, 130, 244)
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Lavender Floral

As the name suggests, this pigment originates from the world-renowned Lavender. A wildflower that covers forest floors in the late spring with sometimes poetic results. This is certainly a color that suits very well, the reflection and vibe of Breast Cancer Awareness month providing purity, serenity, and grace to a cause that demands the right kind of attention. Such a deep color provides a strong presence in your creative designs, pulling in attention while doing so gently and with style. A practical color it may be, but don’t stop yourself from letting your hair down and seeing where this wonderful hue might take you.

  • HEX rgb(134, 163, 239)
  • RGB rgb(134, 163, 239)
  • CMYK rgb(134, 163, 239)
  • HSL rgb(134, 163, 239)
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Cornflower Blue

This soft tone of blue comes from the cornflower’s flower. As it sways from side to side in the steady breeze, its hue reflects the atmosphere of tranquility and contemplation it finds itself in. It plays a vital role in the color palette, providing neutral ground between the other more radiant colors. Perhaps a supportive color such as this could bring balance to your composition as a whole, working with elements and creating contrast against darker tones. Audiences will enjoy the timeless feel this color brings to your creative projects, perhaps motivating positive thoughts. Over all, a complimentary hue to your Breast Cancer Awareness month themes.

  • HEX rgb(250, 82, 108)
  • RGB rgb(250, 82, 108)
  • CMYK rgb(250, 82, 108)
  • HSL rgb(250, 82, 108)
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Wild Watermelon

If there ever was a fruit that puts a smile on your face, watermelon will most certainly accomplish that. This delightful hue will do nothing else but infuse fun and kinetic energy into your projects. It’s almost neon pink appearance will definitely have heads turning to observe its juicy vibrance. Another important aspect is its resemblance to the pink used in pretty much all the Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns over the years, so using pink might not be an option. A wild color such as this will be great fun to work with, making your creative projects stand out from the crowd strikingly and energetically.

  • HEX rgb(253, 126, 156)
  • RGB rgb(253, 126, 156)
  • CMYK rgb(253, 126, 156)
  • HSL rgb(253, 126, 156)
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Tickle Me Pink

Here we have a pink that will tickle you if you stare at it long enough. Joking aside, this is the pink of all pinks and the dominant color of your palette. It is the closest pink to the original pink ribbon design, and so it will catch the attention of your Breast Cancer Awareness Month audience! In addition to its purposeful role in the palette, it symbolizes femininity, love, and optimism, a very welcome personality to warm up your creative projects. A fun color like this deserves all the attention it can get, so making it a feature of your design will reward you with eye-catching visual communication.

  • HEX rgb(253, 181, 45)
  • RGB rgb(253, 181, 45)
  • CMYK rgb(253, 181, 45)
  • HSL rgb(253, 181, 45)
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Bright Yellow Crayola

A bright variant of yellow is a fantastic tribute to your Breast Cancer Awareness Month projects. It has a glow that can remind you of the morning sun on a summer’s day, providing a comforting feel, which can help to balance out your composition till it’s just right. On the other hand, it’s fun and kinetic energy can wake up your audience to action and party! Give this hue a try for yourself. You might find yourself having a lot of fun pushing this color to its limits, finding its multiple personalities work in your favor in creating striking Breast Cancer Awareness Month design projects.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fonts


How did Breast Cancer Awareness Month become Global?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month has become a huge event that takes place each year, involving hundreds of countries around the world. But it wasn’t too long ago that barely any efforts were made to create awareness of the disease, it was essentially a taboo subject! It’s crazy to think that a disease that kills over 2 million people a year was frowned upon, but it took a very special lady, some corporate bullying, and huge funding from cosmetic giants and pharmaceutical companies to make it what it is today. The story of Breast Cancer Awareness Month may sound more like a business strategy than a simple charity case. Let’s take a look at this fascinating timeline and learn just how this meaningful story unfolded.


Betty Ford

First Lady, Women’s Advocate, Survivor, Trailblazer

In 1974 Betty Ford’s husband Gerald R. Ford took the oath and became president of the United States. The role of first lady had no job description, but your every move was scrutinized and for someone like Betty, it must have been a claustrophobic lifestyle at first. Later on, in 1974 Betty’s doctor discovered a lump in her breast. Back then when awareness was at a low point, nobody ever talked or even knew what it was, it was somewhat brushed under the carpet. However, Betty did want to talk about it, she made sure her experience was made public. Hours after the operation the White House made a press conference stating the operation was a major success, thanks to how early the cancer was detected. Weeks later Betty was recovering well, even throwing a football at her husband in a photograph. What came as a huge surprise was the massive support flooding in through the mail for Betty Ford, and further was the influx of women heading to the cancer screening clinics to get checked. It seemed as though she had become a voice for all women and that women had finally found her. She would go on to describe her experience in more depth in her 1978 memoir ‘Betty Ford: First Lady, Women’s Advocate, Survivor, Trailblazer.


American Cancer Society

The first Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

Established in 1913, this remarkable group of volunteers made up the American Cancer Society, a force that existed to eradicate cancer and give people a chance to survive the disease. In October 1985, it partnered up with the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries, now known as AstraZeneca, to form the first organization to bring attention to breast cancer. The week-long event had Betty Ford’s support, who played a major role in talking about her own experiences. The campaign continued to roll out informative language, educating women and men about breast cancer, how to spot the signs, and promoted the use of mammogram screening tests, a machine built to find cancer cells in breast tissue. In addition to helping spread awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness Month would also call out for donations supporting breast cancer research. The money would go towards finding a cure and helping develop drugs to suppress the disease and give patients a better quality of life.


The dawn of the Pink Ribbon

The big corporations muscling their way into charity on the world stage

The inspiration for the globally recognized Pink Ribbon evolved from the massive ribbon boom of 1992 the New York Times called The Year of The Ribbon. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation started giving out Pink Ribbons to every participant in New York’s running race event. However, the ribbon was a finer detail against the race itself and didn’t catch on. Alexandra Penney, the editor-in-chief of Self magazine at the time, and guest editor Evelyn Lauder saw the potential of the ribbon and sought to distribute the symbol through the use of giant cosmetic stores in New York City and other cosmetic stores across the country. However, it turned out there was a lady who had beaten them to it. Charlotte Haley, a lady who had suffered from tremendous loss to the disease was distributing batches of peach-colored ribbons handmade from her kitchen. Self magazine got in touch with Charlotte proposing to glorify her efforts. However, upon refusal, Self magazine and their lawyers simply took the ribbon concept and changed the color to pink! The Pink Ribbon is now the primary emblem of support.


Global Illumination

October is the month the world is dressed in Pink!

With the backing of corporate giants, the Pink Ribbon had hit the international stage. In 2000 the fragrance and cosmetic company Estée Lauder Inc. launched Global Illumination, a powerful international campaign that involved illuminating some of the most recognized landmarks of the world in pink, such as the Tower of London, Niagara Falls, and Sydney Opera House. The event would even create a new entry into the Guinness World Records for Most Landmarks Illuminated for a Cause in 24 hours! This kind of attention ultimately provided Breast Cancer Awareness Month the world stage and with such success, the world has benefitted from more awareness of the disease, ultimately saving countless lives and giving women all around the world a voice to talk about an issue that was once a taboo subject.