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Spring, the key of the happy holidays

3 months and 8 days away from the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere

Spring will arrive with all its light and colors between the 19th and 21st of March in the northern hemisphere and the 22nd or 23rd of September in the southern hemisphere. And with spring also comes new trends in design, and you can't be left behind. Take advantage of all the resources and give your social networks and your business the touch that... Show more

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Make use of these spring resources


How can we take advantage of the symbols of spring? Learn about spring symbols and make your designs stand out

Spring Color Palette

  • HEX rgb(50, 64, 1)
  • RGB rgb(50, 64, 1)
  • CMYK rgb(50, 64, 1)
  • HSL rgb(50, 64, 1)
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Army Green recruit ready for combat, Captain Spring

No, we’re not going to go to a color war, but you know the Army Green disposition and discipline. Army Green is one of the most characteristic colors of spring because of its resemblance to nature. We know this color as Army Green because it is the color that armies use for their soldiers, but why? Because this color, being so similar to the greenish shades of forests and nature, was perfect for camouflage and to keep safe from enemies. Army Green is a color that we use for its neutrality and for not attracting all our senses. It is a color that is widely used to make the user feel that a product is natural or ecological, reminiscent of the wildest nature.

  • HEX rgb(90, 115, 2)
  • RGB rgb(90, 115, 2)
  • CMYK rgb(90, 115, 2)
  • HSL rgb(90, 115, 2)
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Avocado is always a good choice

Are you an avocado lover? If so, you are going to love the chromatic palette of spring, because the color avocado has a strong presence in all the designs. As you can see, it belongs to the green color range, so it conveys a feeling of balance, youth and nature, that’s why we use it to talk about the amazing spring. In addition, if you compare both shades of green in this spring palette, you can see that Avocado has a higher yellow content than Army Green, so it is lighter and more cheerful. We like to combine this Avocado color with shades of yellow, especially because we are talking about cheerful themes such as spring; but outside the context of spring you can combine Avocado with Blue Sapphire or Byzantium, which are the ones that form a triad.

  • HEX rgb(193, 184, 62)
  • RGB rgb(193, 184, 62)
  • CMYK rgb(193, 184, 62)
  • HSL rgb(193, 184, 62)
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What happens to Vegas Gold stays with Vegas Gold

Gold has always reminded us of luxury, beauty and elegance, but Vegas Gold in this context invites us to enjoy spring, to leave the cold winter behind and make way for the sun. Vegas Gold color is part of the orange color range, although it has a yellow charge; as you can see, it belongs to a more muted amber spectrum. The colors of this chromatic range transmit feelings of joy, carefree, we are invaded by the good energy of bright colors such as yellow and orange, which are the ones that make up this curious Vegas Gold, which has nothing to do with Nevada. Within our spring color palette, this color works very well as an intermediary between green and yellow shades.

  • HEX rgb(255, 220, 57)
  • RGB rgb(255, 220, 57)
  • CMYK rgb(255, 220, 57)
  • HSL rgb(255, 220, 57)
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Spring brings with it Sizzling Sunrise

Spring always brings light, and illuminates every element of nature. Don’t you just love sunrises? We love the color Sizzling Sunrise because it very well transmits the feelings that invade us in spring: illusion, joy, it reminds us of nature, the sun, and not only because it is yellow. Like all colors in the yellow range, this is a youthful color, which will make your designs more striking, as it is a color that catches the eye and focuses the user’s attention, so you should use it wisely. Outside the context of spring, it is a color that you can also use with other equally vivid colors, such as Sea Green Crayola with which it forms a triad along with Phlox; you will not go wrong if you use these three colors together. Of course, we assure you that it will be a design that will attract a lot of attention.

  • HEX rgb(224, 168, 1)
  • RGB rgb(224, 168, 1)
  • CMYK rgb(224, 168, 1)
  • HSL rgb(224, 168, 1)
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With the light of Goldenrod’s petals

This color is also associated with spring, as it is a flower, Goldenrod is one of the characteristic colors of this time of year, with pollination and how the bees get more and more goldenrods throughout the territory. As it is a color from the orange range, it also conveys that feeling of energy and optimism, but it also fits with the idea of spring, blooming. Goldenrod has a slightly darker shade than Sizzling Sunrise, so it may dull your design a bit if you overuse it. You have a wide variety of colors within this very spring-like color palette. In other contexts you can combine Goldenrod with its complementary split Green Blue Crayola, you can’t go wrong if you use them together.


Let’s make spring legendary. What does each culture say about this season?

Spring has always caused curiosity in all cultures, and each culture has found a way to explain the meteorological change of spring. Why do flowers start to grow, and why is the sun warmer at the end of March? The Greeks sought a very original explanation to make sense of spring, and the Egyptians also found arguments to support these changes in the weather. And as the flowers begin to bloom and fill all the parks with color, as is the case in Japan. How beautiful spring is! Ready to know the most interesting stories about spring? Discover the legends surrounding the season of flowers and bees.

Greek Mythology

The beginning of spring

The Myth of Persephone

How did the Greeks explain the beginning of spring? With the myth of Persephone. Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, goddess of agriculture; and was kidnapped by Hades while she was picking flowers with some nymphs. Demeter couldn’t find her daughter because she had been abducted by the god of the underworld. Demeter was sad. She abandoned her work, the fields began to dry up and the fruits stopped coming out. Zeus forced Hades to return Persephone to Earth, but she had eaten six grains of a pomegranate and who eats with the dead, can’t return to Earth. Hades made a deal with Demeter, moved by her pain, and let Persephone return to Earth, but only six months a year, and the other six she would spend with him in hell. Thus, the months that Persephone is with her mother, we have spring and summer; and the rest of the time, while she is in the underworld with Hades, her mother waits anxiously and sadly for her, and brings on autumn and winter.

Native American Mythologys

A quite unique celebration

The arrive of Katsinas

The Hopi Indians had a unique way of celebrating the arrival of spring, or at least of “making it come”. The Hopi celebrated the Osomuya rituals during the month of March, nightly dances that created an atmosphere of prosperity for life, and the gods, that is, the Katsinas, came to visit them. The Katsinas would be with them from March through July, and after the dances, the foot races would take place, between the tribesmen and the Katsinas; the planting ceremony, in which the tribe begins planting beans, pumpkins and others to harvest in July; and finally, the Niman ceremony, which is when the Katsinas leave after bringing life and prosperity to the tribe, until the following year when they will return with the dances. This is how the Hopi explained how their orchards flourished and how their environment was filled with life.

Egyptian Mythology

Osiris’ death

The arrival of spring

As mentioned, each society has its own way of explaining natural phenomena, and the ancient Egyptians had a very particular way of explaining the Nile floods and the sowing season. According to Egyptian mythology, spring is born because of the death of Osiris at the hands of his brother Seth. Osiris, agricultural god and king of the gods, was married to Isis, and his brother Seth was married to Nephthys, Isis’ twin sister. Osiris one night had sex with Nephthys, mistaking her for his wife, and Seth upon finding out, decided to kill Osiris, and thus also get the throne of his brother. Osiris died, and his dismembered body ended up in the Nile. Isis mourned the death of her husband, and sank the Nile with her tears, which caused it to overflow and bathe the nearby areas and the harvest began to come out. An interesting way to explain the sowing season and spring. But she did not give up, and with her power and that of Nephthys, they mummified and recomposed Osiris to bring him back to life. To non-life, because he was still in the world of the dead.

Legends in Japan

Sakura and Yoshiro

The beginning of the cherry blossoms

We really enjoy love stories, and the legend with which Japan explains the beginning of spring touches our hearts. According to legend, a woodland fairy took pity on a sad tree, which looked very old, but was a young tree tired of seeing so many warriors. The fairy told him that she wanted to see him beautiful and full of life, and that she would help him. The fairy cast a spell that would last 20 years, with which the tree would feel the same as a human heart, to be able to get excited and bloom. It could become a tree or a human whenever it wanted. The tree only saw war, he could not find anything beautiful around him, until he met Sakura, a young girl he met by the river. He told her his name was Yohiro and after many days she told him who he really was, a sad tree. The time that the fairy had given Yohiro passed, and he returned to his tree form, and one day Sakura went to him and hugged him. The fairy asked Sakura if she wanted to be human or become a tree like Yohiro and be together forever. Sakura became a tree and both could bloom, giving us the cherry blossom so characteristic of Japan.


Everyone has a different way of celebrating spring

Spring traditions. Each country has its own way of celebrating spring, some people make races with colored powder, others go to the park to see the cherry blossoms, and there are those who have to clean the house from top to bottom. Do you know the most representative traditions of spring? Take a look at them and choose your favorite.

United States

Spring can be magical in the United States, because there are so many ways to celebrate it. One of the most typical spring traditions is the easter egg hunt. The children have to find the chocolate eggs that have been very well hidden. Although many of us take advantage of the spring for the general cleaning of the whole house. This way we remove all the feelings that winter left us, and all the junk too. Many families choose to hire a cleaning company for this great spring event. And there are those who, instead of throwing their stuff away, prefer to have a yard sale. All are solutions to get rid of what we do not need. But not only do they clean in the USA, they also organize great festivals, such as the cherry blossom festival. Although it is a custom that originated in Japan, you can also enjoy this event in the USA, since in 1912, Japan gave 3,000 Yoshiro Cherry trees. If you live in New York, we suggest you visit the Highland Park Lilac Festival in Rochester. This park was donated to the residents of Rochester in 1887. You can also visit the most famous rodeo fair in the USA, if you are in Nevada you can visit the Clark County Fair & Rodeo. You have a lot of possibilities in the U.S. spring.


Bung Ban Fai is the most striking festival in Thailand, and is also known as the fireworks festival. This tradition celebrates the time of the onset of the rains, which indicates the time of rice planting. They decorate the rockets with the Nagas snake. One of the myths is that when the gods are in love the rains come, to encourage romantic mischief. The Songkran festival is the water party that marks the New Year in Thailand and is one of the most important elements of Thai culture. Thais pour water on themselves to remove their bad luck, and also take the opportunity to clean the Buddha images. Wan Lai is celebrated at the same time as Songkran in Chonburi province, between Bangkok and Pattaya. Thais bring sand to their local temple to make merit and give back to the Earth the sand that was removed by their feet. Held from April 16 to 20, the festival sees Bang Saen Beach transformed into a sand-sculpture gallery of stupendous craftsmanship. You can also celebrate the Thai Day of the Dead, Phi Ta Khon, in which the locals wear masks to represent the myth of the disappearance of Prince Vessantara, who after a long time away, they thought he was dead, but he returned and the joy of the locals was so great that he awoke the dead.


In India spring is also celebrated with joy, during the Rongali Bihu, local children in Assam ride their bicycles from house to house dancing to Bihu songs, which signify the arrival of the new year and people give them sweets. In Puri, the Rath Yatra is celebrated. It is the oldest chariot festival in the world, and takes places in the temple-town Odisha. It is believed that Lord Jagannath, the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and Krishna, is the only Hindu god who leaves his seat in the temple to visit his devotees. During the festival, Lord Jagannath, along with two other gods, move out of the main temple and travel around the city on the special chariots made for them. Although the most famous of all is the Holi festival, which you will know as the festival of colors. It begins the last full moon of the Hindu lunar month, Phalguna, which usually coincides with mid-February or early March. With this festival, Hindus celebrate the victory of good over evil. It lasts two days, and the first night they build giant pyres and singing and dancing all night around the fire and the next day is when the explosion of color that we all know occurs.

United Kingdom

In the UK they have many customs during the spring. The sun arrives to the British lands and with it the festivals. The most recognized festival in the United Kingdom is May Day, celebrated on the first Monday of May and has Celtic origins. Flowers are picked and the doors of the houses are decorated, the streets of the villages are decorated with garlands and children dance around colorful ribbons. Within May Day, you can also celebrate Jack in the Green, a tradition of Celtic origin, which was to cut a tree and fill it with garlands. The English celebrate a particular contest in which people have to dress up in garlands, like a Christmas tree, you can not see any of the body, and almost not even know who was under the costume. This holiday began to be called Jack in the Green. During the spring, the British celebrate very interesting festivals, such as the Gloucester Rolling Cheese Festival. Every year, many people gather to throw four kilos of cheese down Cooper’s Hill, they have to catch the rolling cheese before anyone else.


The year starts with spring in Iran, the beginning of the year is celebrated as the northern hemisphere enters the beginning of spring. Nowruz means new day, and is celebrated both in Iran and in the Persian diaspora. Although it is celebrated on the day spring begins, many people decide to start preparations weeks in advance; performing ritual dances and filling household vessels with water, to attract health and good luck. During Nowruz people visit cemeteries and bring offerings to the dead. This is a holiday celebrating fertility and new life. On the tables of the families are placed offerings, the seven offerings that represent the values of the holiday: fertility, patience, love, wealth, and so on. In 2009, Unesco recognized the Nowruz festival as part of the intangible heritage of humanity, noting that it promotes the values of peace and solidarity. This holiday is als celebrated in Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Pakistan.


The equinox marks the change of seasons and in Mexico they have a particular way of celebrating spring. According to ancient Mexican worldviews, the arrival of spring signifies the triumph of good over evil, and the elimination of bad energies. The ancient Mexican cultures were great observers of the sky, so when the spring equinox occurred, they visited the great astronomical observatories created by the Mayas and Aztecs to recharge positive energy. Today, many people visit Teotihuacan, climbing the 360 steps of the Pyramid of the Sun. Participants approach the appropriate energy to ask for health. Visitors dress in white and perform rituals of purification and renewal, which consist of raising their arms towards the sun and placing their index finger on the central point of the pyramid. Many visitors also come to Chichén Itzá to enjoy the most important astronomical phenomenon of the year. The pyramid dedicated to Kukulcan serves as a visual symbol of day and night. The sun creates a play of light and shadow of a snake slithering down the staircase.


In the southern hemisphere, spring is celebrated by welcoming the birth of flowers, but starting in September. If you are in Australia, you must visit Canberra’s Commonwealth Park, as it is bursting with life and beauty. For 30 days, from September to October you can enjoy the flowers. Visitors to Australia’s Floriade 2022 can enjoy more than a million flowers, accompanied by live musical performances. Floriade was the idea of landscape architect Christiaan Slotemaker. He began the design in 1986 and based it on a famous garden in the Netherlands. His design concept was the multiculturalism of the Australian nation, so he used both Dutch and Aboriginal floral designs. Floriade is the communion between all the cultures of Australia, it is a new way of bringing people together.


As we have already told, Japan has a beautiful legend about spring. The two lovers turn into cherry trees to be together for eternity. Between late March and early April, cherry blossoms begin to bloom and color the parks all over Japan. It is very common to find entire families visiting Tokyo’s parks to admire the blossoms. Families take off their shoes and sit together to enjoy the pink scenery created by the cherry blossoms. Many events are organized around the Japanese cherry blossom festival to live the authentic experience. Not only the trees and parks are dyed pink, but also the local businesses, schools and all the streets. From north to south, you can see Japan in bloom. Twice a year, the cherry trees bloom again, and visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery.