Business cards can become a great ally to make our work known. If we talk about personal business cards, the most important thing is that they connect with our personality because, after all, the cards are "that first impression" that people will take away from us. And you know what they say about first impressions ...

Maria · 6 days ago

Ana Oncina ,Spanish illustrator, is the creator of Croquette and Pasty a comic very amusing where tells the day to day of a couple that begins to live together. How cool? Its protagonists are a croquette and a pasty . These characters live a thousand and adventures that do not leave anyone indifferent. Impossible to not miss more than a smile. Attention: it is addictive. Besides to this nice couple, in this interview we are going to meet other projects. Ready to know Ana Oncina’s universe?

Maria · 3 weeks ago

The Oscars gala is an obligatory meeting for all cinema lovers. Lights and action and all the focus is.. do the wardrobe?. But and the cinematographic posters? Why nobody talks about them? Certainly the film poster is the main piece to the attention of the public, is like the cover of a book…Have many of us not bought once a book just to have a beautiful cover?

Maria · 4 weeks ago

Graphic designers, like other creative professions such as writers, journalists or plastic artists, who work freelance need to put a little order on their desks and organize a little day to day. Yes, a difficult task with the current pace of life. Therefore, in this post we want to inspire you with some tips of the most useful. Because ... Who said creating is easy?

Maria · 1 month ago

Sara Fratini ,Venezuelan illustrator, studied Art in Madrid (Spain) when began her activity as an illustrator. Sara Fratini’s drawings make us smile thanks to real and unapologetic women, turning day to day in a wonderful adventure. Author of La buena vida (2015) and Una tal Martina (2016). Every day, when the alarm rings is a new canvas to fill. We hope that you enjoy with this interview!

Maria · 4 months ago

In designing a creative project, the choice of typography is essential to give personality to our work. The truth is that, sometimes, we make every effort to creative image and colors, and do not pay the necessary attention to this aspect.

Maria · 5 months ago

Halloween is coming… In this post, we will learn some projects on Halloween fonts, very useful resource for looking inspiration!

Maria · 5 months ago

If you love the nice characters of Dumb Deaths, you can not lose their adventures on Halloween with more than 15 characters unlock-able characters.

Maria · 5 months ago

Brands increasingly opt for creative and original packaging. Why? Packaging attracts attention and gets the recognition and differentiation of product. Therefore, many brands have applied a "renew or die" with wonderful packaging. Who has not bought something for the packaging? Today, we know some lovely examples of soaps packaging.

Maria · 5 months ago

October arrived, said goodbye summer and keep the bags until next year. The calendar doesn’t deceive, we must return to the routine: work, sport, healthy food, eye bags, alarm (damn it!) and .... crossing the office. But, Don’t worry! Because in this post we will help you surround yourself of beautiful and inspiring things in the office.

Maria · 5 months ago

Now let's review some creative examples of packaging for pasta, some are commercial projects and other personal, although all irresistibly wonderful. Attention post not recommended if you still have a few hours to have lunch. Enjoy it!

Maria · 5 months ago