Sara Landeta and her creative universe of colored pencils

By María Saco 4 years ago

Sara Landeta, a Spanish illustrator, discovered Art in Paris when she was sixteen. Landeta uses colored pencils for creating an authentic world. Her illogical and irrational works tell about surreal characters full of color. We hope that you enjoy this interview!




Sara Landeta and illustration. When does your story begin?

When I was sixteen, I went to live in Paris, where I discovered art, both in museums and galleries, and although I bought my first drawing book, I never imagined that

It would end up being my profession.

Your favorite techniques are…

I have always considered drawing to be a very special field of art, where lies and mistakes are revealed, it is impossible to always cover them with the rubber of delight. That’s why I only work with colored pencils.

You love color pencils. But … Do you use the digital tablet?

I have a digital tablet, but I never use it in my works.




In the training field, are you self-taught?

I studied illustration at “Escuela de Arte Número 10” (Madrid, Spain), but as far as contemporary art is concerned I am self-taught. However, I am fortunate to have fallen into the hands of the “6mas1” gallery, who from the beginning have taught me everything about this world so inhospitable and complicated.

Sara Landeta’s universe is starring …

The animal world is always very present in my work. Each animal has its own survival tactics, and I have always found interesting the idea of being able to learn other forms of animal life and apply them to our day to day.

The naïf style is usually present in your works. What does it represent for you?

I do not know if I have a naïf style. I think I’m getting more complicated in the drawings.

Creation + reusable material. You use it in your collection Medicine as a metaphor.





What does this binomial suggest to you?

I like to combine materials of the human being, which are often more manipulated, with something of nature, because they are always interesting metaphors. In my last project Medicine as a metaphor, It wouldn’t have been the same to draw birds on any paper. Drawing inside the boxes of drugs prompts you to think of something else.

Sara Landeta exhibits in art galleries. Can you tell us a little about the art exhibitions?

For me, Art is a way of life and a cane in which to support me in the best and worst moments of my life. My work is autobiographical, always part of some personal need to understand or overcome something. Anyone like that can feel identified with one of my artworks. The main idea of my pieces is playing emotional intelligence.

Inspiration… Do you seek it?… In day to day!

That confessable obsession is … I spend the day making lists of things I have to do.

Your references in the creative world are … I like artists who are true to their values.

Those magic ingredients when it comes to creating… Liquorice and candies fish!

If Sara Landeta were a color palette it would be… White, to draw me everything I want.

When you grow up, you want to be… Sara Landeta, It’s good!

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By María Saco