The Grand Budapest Hotel, the Little Mermaid or Super Mario Bros inspire her to create incredible compositions.

Sarah has chosen to sculpt her way through the alphabet by carving 3D letters in all sorts of yummy fruits and vegetables!

The font itself may not be suitable for use, but it's really eye-catching with these vibrant colors! :)

For him, design is just another lifestyle, the one that he naturally follows because it's engrained into his life. Do you agree with his point of view? :)

Not only that, but other cases of problems caused by bad typography (from medicine bottles to presidential elections in the US) are also shown in this video!

Typography is powerful. Using great typography can encourage people to change the world. Poor typography choices can lead to miscommunication and disrupt the ebb and flow of an otherwise great design. In the past lessons, we’ve covered the fundamentals of graphic design, layout, composition, and typography. If you haven’t read the previous lessons, please see: An Introduction To Graphic Design Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 here on the Freepik Blog. This lesson will explain typeface pairing, and complete the section on typography.

They have created a series of gifs where the letters magically appear and disappear in a loop thanks to their awesome addition of motion graphics to their work.

Okay, talking about Comic Sans is so 2010. In fact, a website claims that “Lobster is the new Comic Sans”, but it's worth learning a bit more about it! :)

Typography is a topic of passion for most graphic designers. This passion has led to hours and hours of lectures and discussions about serifs versus sans serifs; topics which would seem very trivial to inexperienced designers. In addition to serifs and sans serifs, there are many more seemingly trivial topics discussed in the design community. These topics of discussion are definitely not trivial, and they make the task of mastering typography all the more difficult.

Previously, we covered the basics of graphic design, layout and composition. If you haven’t had an opportunity to read the previous lessons, please see: An Introduction to Graphic Design Part 1 and An Introduction To Graphic Design Part 2 here on the Freepik blog. This lesson will detail typography structure and vocabulary. Typography is the art or process of setting, arranging, or designing type.

Duminda Perera transforms apparently normal words into logotypes that make the most out of their meaning.