The Best Fonts to Use in Presentations

If you’re going to give a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation, one of the most important decisions that you’ll make when designing it will be the typography. What font is the most suitable for your slideshow? Should you combine it with others? If so, which is the most fitting?

In this article, we’ll try to answer these questions and others you might have regarding the use of fonts.

Legibility is crucial

Choose a font that is easy to read. The goal is for your audience to get the message with as little effort as possible, so a typography that is very clear and decipherable will help them retain the information.

In these cases, it is recommended to use sans-serif fonts, since these are used mainly for short texts, such as titles or headings, and their design makes them more readable at long distances. This way, your audience will be able to see and read everything without any problem, even if they are sitting in the last row.

The Flat SEO Strategy template features two sans-serif choices: Titillium Web and Roboto. Fancy some reading?

Size matters

Before we continue, we would like to point out that the last thing you should do is to fill slides with lots of text, because you will only manage to scare your audience.

With that being said, you also need to remember that size should not be an issue when trying to read the information you put in your slides. Just use keywords or short concepts in your presentation and write all that with big enough letters.

You can also play with different sizes according to the importance you want to assign to that particular content. In the Digital Flipbooks Bundle template, you’ll see a clear example of this:

Be harmonious

Everything in your presentation is supposed to fit together and make sense. If you want to talk, for example, about topics related to nature, a green color and some illustrations of flora and/or fauna will make the content more enjoyable and pleasant for the audience. Yes, the same goes for the font. You must choose one that combines perfectly with your theme, your style, your target… In order to succeed, no detail should be random.

We have a good example of this in the Welcome to the 20’s template. The typography used for titles is Pioret One, and the one for body text is Chivo—both of them are a reflection of this retro style. So, in conjunction with the other decorative elements, like the illustrations and the shapes, the end result is cohesive and, you guessed it, harmonious.

Some examples of font combinations

Although you should always keep in mind your theme and your style, here you have some combinations of fonts that work perfectly together in almost any situation.

In the Minimalist Aesthetic Slideshow template, we’ve opted for Poiret One and Oxygen, two fonts that go well with the abstract and minimalist design of the slides, giving a unique and elegant appearance overall.

If you want a more classic approach, try the ones used in the Interior Design Portfolio template. True to the theme and the style, the fonts chosen are Prata and Roboto—both of them highlight the simplicity and the creativity of the presentation.

You can also visit Slidesgo, where you’ll find hundreds of free templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. Search for the perfect slideshow for your projects, and then have a look at the typography used. It’s a safe bet!