Are you curious to learn a bit more about the economy of the world? You can learn it in this interesting map infographic by Vouchercloud!

Of course, with enough patience and maybe a bit of luck, the relationship with the client doesn't have to end that badly!

By the time that you realize it, many years may have gone by while you pushed your passions and projects to the side

A blog on how the engaging aspect of an infographic is important for it to be able to attract more viewers and tips to create an awesome infographic.

This infographic published by The Solar Centre called "Bizarre Superstitions" will show you some of the different countries' superstitions.

Geckos, jumping spiders, birds, cats and dogs are some of the animals which you can learn a bit more about in this beautiful infographic!

Like Facebook, where people sometimes post fake photos (25.2% of the lies) or lie about owning things that they actually don't (23%)!

Sometimes, designers turn their hardships into hilarious ideas thanks to the power of their own creativity :)!

You could end up as a Ford factory worker, a travelling salesman or a dressmaker. What did you get? :o

As we live in the age of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT), a powerful way to understand the complex data is through visuals. One of the most compelling ways to convey information via visuals is using an Infographic also known as (aka) data visualization. To put it simply, Infographic represents data in a bite-size, easy to consume manner. Combine data and visuals to strike a conversation with your customers.

The infographic goes over great successes like Pokémon, Super Mario, Sonic, GTA, Overwatch and, surprisingly, Wii Fit. Did you play any of these? :)

In one of our previous publications, we have already spoken about the use of purple color in web design and the effect it has on the audience. Now, let's get concentrated on how to design your site in red properly.