In this post, we are going to show you the do’s and don’ts of creating a stunning portfolio. We hope that these points will not only be helpful but can also inspire you to do something truly unusual.

Open a ‘Details’ page of a recent flagman template, and your jaw will drop. You’ll see a huge list of different features that make this template an outstanding product that pushes the boundaries of web-design. The smashing hits, such as Monstroid2 and Divi3, are hard to compare, as each of them sкtikes you by its awesomeness. So, it’s hard to tell, which one is better, until you jot down their features and compare them one by one. In this article We're comparing the features of Monstroid2 vs Divi3 in order to determine, which one has more to it and can win this battle. Let’s start!

The main purpose of any portfolio type is to fully present an author’s creative potential and approach to clients and employers. Creative potential includes skills level and quality, personal experience, the amount of completed projects. But, the most important thing that each designer has to be characterized by within his/her potential is the uniqueness. Everyone would like to stand out the crowd, have his own opinion, stand his own position. And an online portfolio is exactly the way to do it. Having it each author is free to speak, speak through his/her works, speak by presenting the inner world, imagination and worldview. Such a voiceless but so meaningful conversation will definitely catch an eye of your audience.

In this post, we’ll take a look at artistic renditions of some of the most famous artworks of all time. So, without further ado, here are some of the best themes and templates recommended by Picasso, Dali, Monet, and Botticelli themselves.

The world is changing constantly. New technologies evolve, as well as the demand for something truly revolutionary grows. One of such more recent innovations that grow in popularity among the contemporary web audience

Choosing a color scheme for a future website is one of the major challenges that we face during the initial stages of web development. This may sound like something so simple and easy to handle that we often underestimate the importance of a cleverly chosen color scheme for our websites.

More and more often providers of ready-made website templates update their inventories with fit-it-all designs. Compared to common niche-specific solutions, the latter boast more advanced functionality and collections of ready-made options that are intended to be applied to various web projects at a time. With a growing demand of such products, we have decided to take a look at the two most popular multipurpose website templates and compare their functionality. The two WordPress themes that are in the focus of our attention today are Monstroid Squared and Enfold. Is there a pre-designed theme that can be called a true winner in the battle? Let’s find it out.

Free or premium WordPress themes? What’s a better option for your website? There is an ongoing debate on which of these two solutions to choose for work. While some users will be avid fans of premium web design stuff only, others will claim that contemporary freebies boast functionality that is no less impressive and lets freebies safely compete with premium web design stuff. So, what groups of users should give preference to freebies? Who are premium templates designed for? Let’s find this out from today’s publication.

In one of our previous publications, we have already spoken about the use of purple color in web design and the effect it has on the audience. Now, let's get concentrated on how to design your site in red properly.

Many articles have been written about the color theory and its influence, but this one is special. Every web-designer knows that a proper color spectrum can make a site more popular and gain more visitors. Not only simple and intuitive interface can make a good impression, but also correctly selected colors. The task is to fulfill the space with a qualitative graphics, content and colors of course.

Not only fashion dictates the most trending colors of the year. In web design, the right choice of your site’s color scheme pre-defines how reputable you will look in the eyes of your clients. Now, when the biggest half of the year 2016 is left behind, we already know what colors are in the biggest demand among the web audience.