A watercolorist, a fashion illustrator and a sculptor take on this challenge! How will they do outside of their artistic comfort zone with pancake art?

If there is one kind of photography that requires the most research and careful planning behind the scenes, this is it: photography in advertising!

Over 3,000 European artistic and cultural institutions have released over 50 million art pieces in a digital archive that you are free to browse and use.

RocketPixel's vectors and resources on Freepik are worth taking a look at! You can download these and many more high quality resources here.

In a Heartbeat is one of the most watched videos of the moment. But how did this piece of animation and the concept behind it originate?

His project is coming along really fine, since the monsters and creatures are actually really cute and they all seem to have their own personality!

Adobe Research has developed a user interface called Playful Palette, which allows you to mix colors like you would the traditional way!

How would these movies actually look like if they were accurate according to reality in the current year? It's an interesting twist for sure.

Who knows, you might learn a couple of new things about typography that you didn't know about the anatomy of the letters with this typography alphabet!

Janine Ker uses the hair of her clients as a canvas to explore her creativity, which includes amazing color geometric patterns and even a bit of sculpting!

The result looks magical, you wouldn't really guess how he created these prints without knowing what goes on behind the scenes.