KPop: A Hit of Art and Aesthetic

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When we talk about boy or girl bands that sing catchy songs with group choreographies, 90’s bands pop to our minds. However, nowadays we usually talk about KPop. A style that has been making an impact for quite some years, especially because of the art direction behind them. But why is it so appealing? Who are the referents in terms of visuals? Why is it so popular? In this article, we’ll discuss this matter.

Gangnam Style

Many think that Pop appeared in Korea after the war with the United States of America. However, the biggest boom regarding this music genre in the Asian country happened on the 15th of July 2012.

It didn’t matter where you were living, what you were listening to, or what you were doing; the whole world got one thing in their minds. Three Korean words: Oppan Gangnam Style.

No one can deny that PSY’s song was a huge hit, however, part of its success can be found in the art behind the song’s video clip.

*That, and some dance moves that got everyone galloping on an imaginary horse*

The art behind KPop videos is essential. From cosmetics and hairstyles to striking colorful clothing, everything merges with intricates choreography.

These things combine into an explosive cocktail of colors, transitions, and animations that not only capture our attention but also kidnap them. Another interesting thing is that, as the songs mix different music styles (such as r&b, with techno and rock), their music videos do the same. One song can have many different stages that highlight different things such as pastel colors or light and glare effects.

Even though each day new bands appear and become trendy, we consider these the most influential ones.


The stars behind this KPop group are Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. Each artist contributes a particular detail to the band.

In the video for “What is love?”, each character is the protagonist of an iconic scene from different movies related to their personalities. What’s interesting is that by combining bright and electric colors with pastel ones, they could achieve a homogeneous look through the whole video clip. These choices are made not only keeping the scenes in mind (for example, when they allude to Lala Land, they used the same colors as the movie) but also as we said, with the personalities of each singer. That’s why we can see the most dreamer or innocent ones in pink and pastel-colored stages. 

In terms of art direction, is really hard to classify the videos of this genre. They tend to share fast transitions, drastic changes of scenes where different colors predominate. The main objective of this is to spread the spirit of a song that talks about energy and wildness. You can discover this in their video for the song “I can’t stop me”.

Another video that stands out is “Fancy”. Where they keep an aesthetic combination while playing with different special effects such as glitches.


Unless you’ve been living completely disconnected inside a bunker for the last few years, you’ve surely have heard about BTS. They’ve achieved so much, that they’ve turned into the first Korean group to reach the Billboard 200’s top. Regarding the art direction behind their videos, even though each one is a piece of art on its own, some stand out from the rest.

“Butter” is one of their latest video clips. In each scene, a color predominates and sets the tone for the moment. An interesting thing is that, although KPop videos usually use a lot of colors, this, in particular, starts in black & white.

Many KPop videos also tend to use futuristic backgrounds or spaces, however “Dynamite” focuses on everyday life. One thing that stands out is the use of pastel colors, which gives this video clip a Wes Anderson feel. Also, it doesn’t matter at which moment you pause the video, each shot is amazingly composed and balanced. 

Regardless of the awards that BTS has won, the editors and art directors behind videos such as the one for the song “DNA” deserve some acknowledgment for their own. In just 4 minutes, they combined harmonically incredible styles and transitions, with vibrant colors. You can love their sound or you can hate it, but just watching their videos is surely a must.


Color is a pilar in this band, even in their name. Black, a strong color that counterparts with pink, that’s usually associated with innocence. This band, contrary to the others, tends to use saturated colors. One of the main elements in their videos is the use of light. From little sparks and glows to neon backgrounds. You’ll appreciate these kinds of characteristics in videos such as “Kill this love” or “Lovesick girls”. However, the one that stands out the most is the one for their song called “How you like that”, in which each scene deserves to be analyzed. The scenographies they use don’t need VFX’s to be astonishing. The saturated colors are so intense that it’s impossible to stop watching.

As you can see, the choice of colors behind every scene has an intention, in fact, you can find more about this matter in this article, where we discuss some of the greatest movie directors in terms of colors.

Which KPop band do you think has the best video clips? Tell us in the comments section.

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