Introducing Freepik video

With the mission to help you express the full potential of your ideas at our core, we’ve been working on bringing you new assets and tools so you can continue to tell your stories with captivating and impactful visuals.

Today, Freepik is launching Freepik video- your all-access to footage and motion graphics.

With the current digital content consumption, creating designs that would stand out and make an impression is becoming harder and harder. Our creative flows to make impactful visuals that’ll leave a lasting impression on our audience are being challenged each day with ever-growing competition, algorithm changes, and, recently, AI.

Motions, movement, and animations are practically necessary if you want your content to catch someone’s attention in the crowd. Still, Instagram posts are being replaced by reels, and presentation slides are made into videos. Video visuals are not only powerful attention grabbers but can also evoke emotion in the audience and thus easily turn into an influential piece. Using video content can be a game-changer in attracting and persuading viewers’ opinions and feelings.

“At Freepik, we understand the importance of visual content in today’s digital landscape,” said Joaquin Cuenca Abela, CEO of Freepik. “With the launch of our new video vertical, we aim to provide designers and content creators with a vast array of high-quality and affordable stock videos that will take their visual storytelling to the next level.”

Discover videos

It’s all just really good shots – We know because we picked them

Our team focuses on curating diverse and inclusive content, which should make it easy for you to find shots that fit any campaign or movie style. We carefully chose professionally-made videos and motion graphics, with various scenes including people, nature shots, or business topics, that are suitable for a number of uses. Available in 4K and HD quality, they are handy for both pros and relaxed video creators.

For all creative souls

With 50 thousand free videos and the rest available with the Freepik Premium subscription, the videos are affordable and accessible to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro designer, marketer, or student. Supported by a powerful search engine and useful filters, Freepik Video makes it easy for all creators to find the perfect footage for their project.

Flexible and easily editable formats

Downloading and using our videos works smoothly for anyone. If you’re a casual content creator looking for clips that will not be displayed in a large format, like Instagram Reels, Youtube videos, or web content, you can download them in a widely supported MP4 format.

In the case of making professional movie clips, the MOV format offers higher quality and resolution and should satisfy your higher-level production needs.

Worry-free licensing

If you are a Freepik Premium user, you can be stress-free and use the videos in either a Netflix documentary or in your TikTok. All Premium clips are royalty-free and covered by the Freepik license, which allows commercial use without attribution.

Please remember that attribution is required if you download free videos without being Premium.

Hit download to play

With Freepik Premium, videos are counted towards your daily downloads as any other assets, which means that you get 100 videos every day. You’re just a download away from making captivating stories.

So don’t keep it still. Add motion, catch attention, and create emotion.

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